Thursday, April 06, 2017

Lake Tahoe here they come

Joshua and Benjamin went back to Lake Tahoe, USA, on the 4th April. It doesn't get any easier, but this time, knowing that Ben isn't coming back till Christmas, was the hardest. I am beginning to know how Nonna (my Dad's Mum) must have felt once all 3 of her children had moved to England. I think at that time it must have been much harder, all there was was snail mail, Nonno and Nonna didn't even have their own phone. For the person emigrating it was probably easier, you had to integrate. Nowadays it must be so difficult seeing what all your old friends are up to and knowing your not part of it. Sometimes not knowing is a good thing.

I mentioned to someone I am having empty-nest syndrome. She laughed and reminded me of the 3 fosterlings. And much as I love fostering and helping nurture all the children and young people we have had come into our care, I miss just hugging my boys. But can't have it both ways I am so proud that all 3 felt confident enough to move to another country.

Love these photos - although had to censor the boys! And this photo of Ella with the baby fosterling - the baby adores Ella, and after the last 2 lads that caused Ella stress, it's lovely to see Ella developing such a positive relationship with a fosterling :)


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