Monday, April 03, 2017

Poor Josh - another adductor longus repair :(

Last summer Joshua had an operation to repair an injury, on his right adductor longus (somewhere in the groin). Sadly he still didn't get match fit, and a subsequent MRI confirmed that the injury appeared no better than the previous MRI carried out before the first operation. That's obviously an abridged version of the last year, bless him.

So on April 3rd he had the same operation performed but it was much more intensive. Took twice as long and there is now 3 anchors holding the tear in place. It cannot fail this time or Joshua will have to come home and, in his words, will have wasted 2 years in the USA. And football is all he has ever wanted to do. We are all hoping, praying, crossing anything that can be crossed ..... well, you get the picture!

I love this photo - getting ready for surgery and it was like, "Take a photo Mum, I can make anything look good!"

Of course I sat there with him again. I know, all 3 operations I had last year Jeff just dumped me at the hospital door! But he's my baby, doesn't matter that he's 24, he's still my baby. While he was having his surgery I went to the restaurant and got a few bits - didn't feel right eating in front of him when he was nil-by-mouth. For the money we have paid for these operations, you'd expect the food to be top drawer. Hmmm, what I thought of them is on my IG - only one got the thumbs up!


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