Thursday, April 13, 2017

Treatz in Reading

So we had to go back to Reading. Last week we went for the fosterling, and how easy was that. This time we had to get some new clothes for Ella, and that's not so easy. With her autism she has so many specific sensory needs. But we got there in the end, although there's a good chance, even though she has said she likes them, and they meet her needs, she will refuse to wear half of them!

A trip to Treatz afterwards was in order. We've been to Creams a couple of times (sounds grand, but once last year and once this year LOL!) and thought we should give Treatz a go, I can't say I prefer one over the other, they're both designed to fill you with as much sugar as they can, and in that respect they both win!

I just love these 2 photographs. Ella actually managed to eat most of hers, after she had given me her wafers and strawberries which I didn't mind in the least! I wasn't convinced she would, I mean look at the size of it :) The photo of the baby - oh how I wish you could see her face, such a picture. And while I was setting the camera up she managed to grab some of the chocolate sauce, and put it all over her hand and face. Note to self, she can stretch further than I think! LOL! By the way - the mint freakshake was for me, not the baby ;)


  1. Those ice cream treats are something else! Ella is so pretty. I'm a retired elementary teacher, and I worked with a number of autistic children. They are special people, each one unique, and I found that they often surprise us with how much they can do. I was always amazed at the dedication and support of the parents of autistic children. It is not an easy road, but children can come so far when they are loved and helped. My husband is taking me out for dinner in a little bit, and after looking at those mouth-watering treats, I'm going to have to have dessert! Take care!


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