Tuesday, May 09, 2017

1st birthday!

From an 80th to a 1st! One thing about our household is it's never boring and repetitive :) It has been a lot of years since we've had a 1st birthday party - 21 to be exact! The biggest problem we had was that we haven't got any babies in the family so although it was for a one year old the average age attended was ........ well, let's say a lot older :) We combined it with something else that was happening in relation to Ella - more about that another day - so had Ella's favourite people here.

I had to do a sweetie table - how could I not?? But it was a much simpler one than I would normally do - also included sandwiches, pizzas, etc. (I know, shock! horror!) which I would never normally put on a sweetie table! Must admit, loved being able to decorate in pink after all those blue parties :)

And if you're a new reader, the faces blocked are for the fosterlings privacy :)

Um, no, *hangs head in shame*, I didn't make that fabulous Number 1 cake, the Awesome Anna did :)


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