Monday, May 22, 2017

A few more photos ......

........ cos a picture paints a thousand words. And as I'm playing catch up, that sounds like a plan :) But whereas the last were about 'things' this one is about 'peeps'.

I just love this photo. Joshua and Ella have a love/hate relationship and most of the time ignore each other. But this photo shows such a gentle side for them both. Okay, yeah I know they're asleep, but I like to think that they chose to fall asleep like that ........ I can dream can't I? :)

Ella was poorly at the very beginning of May. Jeff picked her up from school as she had refused to get on the school transport. Within minutes of him getting there she had started fitting. Kept stopping and starting. Got back to our town, I was at Mum's. He suggested we go home, but I said no, so we phoned an ambulance. They arrived fast - young person fitting for more than 15 minutes I would have been angry if they didn't! Took her to A&E and eventually at 6pm they gave her some Diazapam - after fitting for best part of 3 hours on and off. Only lasted half an hour!! But at least in that half an hour they had been able to put in an IV cannula in. So at 6.30pm they gave her some Lorazapam - and that was it, the fit completely stopped and she slept all night :)

Bought this playpen on about the second day the fosterling arrived. She was commando crawling round the room, attempting to chew every wire she could find! We quickly realised our house needs baby proofing again! I ordered this playpen as I loved the fact it umbrella folds so can take it anywhere. However, I did exactly the same I had with the firepit in the last post...... It's a monster and takes up most of the floor in the living room! But, it is great in that we can take it outside and she has different scenery, because indoors she won't leave wires and cables alone. And outside it's leaves, grass, mud, and I don't want to think about what else LOL!

Finishing with a simple set of tumblers I bought in Costco. Looks like glass but isn't! Which for this clumsy person makes for perfect 'glass' ware :)


  1. Those tumblers are lovely....look like glass to me! Sorry to hear about Ella's struggles in May. I saw those pics of her at the wedding and she looked beautiful and so happy.

    1. Didn't she just :) That was just the tip of the iceberg, think it's going to take about 3 posts to talk about Ella x


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