Friday, May 12, 2017

Saville Garden Carnival of Colour

I have always loved walking - in the woods, up a mountain, by a river - actually anywhere as long as it is getting close to nature and not a built up, urbanised, area. Oh - unless of course we are sight-seeing, but that is totally different. Jeff though has never been that keen. But turns out, if you give him a buggy with a fosterling in it, mix it up with a health kick, he's finally into walking. Go figure! In fact, while I've been at work, his record is 8 miles! ..... I did check on his tracker ;) Peering over my shoulder Jeff has just said that sounds like I have a tracker secreted on him! .......... as if ;)

So, we decided to visit Saville Gardens. I used to always visit there and Virginia Waters when I was a child with Mum and Dad. Back then it was free, like everything else, not so much any more.

It was stunning and we wandered around for a few hours. The colours of the flowers really are so vibrant, and it's lovely to see giant - and I mean giant - rhododendron bushes right next to a field of bluebells. We were lucky as it was a beautiful day which made the stroll more enjoyable. But if I'm honest, it was too clinical for me. Give me Caesars Camp or the mountains in Italy, rugged, overgrown, nature at its best any day.


  1. Sounds like a gorgeous place to visit. I'm waiting for the horrid gypsy moth caterpillars to go away before I resume any walking and day trips.

    1. Haven't see many flying things of any description so far this year - and that suits me just fine :) xx


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