Monday, June 26, 2017

June - what else?

So the last few posts were pretty heavy. Why did I post? Partly cathartic, but also because we want people to fully understand why we all felt a residential home was best for Ella - cos you're always going to get those that make the snide comments, people that don't know the whole story, how could you unless you've lived it, but feel they have the moral high ground to pontificate. Although, having said that, there probably will still be some trolls. Oh well, while they're belittling us their leaving others alone.We always knew a home was on the cards when we got older - just thought we had quite a few more years with her before it become necessary.

And the other posts? It was partly to help others realise they're not alone if they're going through something similar. And also about how we don't always know how big a load someone is carrying, so be nice :)

If you're a regular reader you will know in May I commented that June was pretty full on we go!
1 x scrap day - yes, I actually got to go out and scrap for a whole 6 hours :)
2 x LAC (Looked After Children) reviews
1 x Health Visitor
Collecting Josh from the airport, he's home for about 7 weeks :)
18 x contact
2 x dentist
Hairdo - more purple and blue, I am growing old disgracefully!
1 x hospital appointment
2 x doctors appointments
1 evening singing
2 x soft play
4 x trips to the childminders - can't recommend Royal Adventures enough :)
2 x SSW visits
A six week review for Ella at her home
Trip down the river
Jeff and Ben's birthdays
Ricki and Kim's wedding
Joe and Kerrie visiting overnight
Trip to Go Ape
Jeff even managed a night out
I got a job!
We've had 2 weekends where we've taken in emergency placements, so have had 4 fosterlings under our roof!
And a couple of meetings I can't talk about

Is that enough?


  1. Your energy, patience and resolve amaze me Suzanne. If people make snide remarks then they aren't really friends at all. You did what was best for Ella.

    1. Ah thanks JoJo :) Sometimes it seems we're taking one step forward, two steps back! But, yes, it was best for her, and that's what matters x

  2. Hi Suzzanne - I do just read I'm afraid ... to learn and to see how you cope - not sure I could do it ... you're doing what's so right for the kids ... congratulations and cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary. It's flaming hard work but you're spot on, we're doing what's right for all the children. Just sometimes it feels like we're paddling up a stream backwards! xx


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