Thursday, June 08, 2017

The June Bride

I love musicals - Blood Brothers, (Oh my gosh, seen it 4 times, cried every time!), Joseph, Les Mis, JCS, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors (although I don't like the theatre ending!) - well you get the picture. But my favourite by a country mile has always been Seven Brides for Seven Brothers :) And as my eldest stepson and his wife got married this month, how could I not at least give a little nod to The June Bride song - linky link to the song if you're feeling a little nostalgic.

So, yeah, Ricki and Kim got married. I didn't go. Long story short it was easier, and less stressful, for everyone if I didn't go. Did I want to? Of course I did, we've been together 27 years and I've know Ricki all that time. But sometimes (in fact the boys say I do it too often!) you need to think about others not yourself. I did though pop in for half an hour so that I could pick Ella up - the whole day would have been to long for her so Jeff just took her to the actual service. And actually, she wasn't invited so couldn't have stayed anyway - and she probably would have enjoyed the food and dancing more than the service LOL!

So here's a few photos of what Jeff says was a perfect wedding :) Shame Josh and Ben couldn't make it, but they were 5,500 miles away preparing for end of year finals.


  1. You guys had such a wonderful wedding and all of you look perfect in your dresses and suits. And I wish you both a happy married life ahead full of amazing stuff!


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