Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Italy on Instagram

I've covered most of our holiday, but I did just pop a few on IG while we were away, so here they are :)

I bought this colouring book for 10pence just before we went on holiday. Well, it is actually a 2017 calendar, hence the price. But, it's still got a dozen pictures and it is from Joanne Basford's Enchanted Forest, so do I care that it's a calendar? ...... I do not.

I found this so relaxing, we did miss Ella a lot, so helped to zone out.
Took me all holiday to complete it, just picking it up now and then :)

If you could see me now you would see a very guilty face. We were always going to get Ella and the 2 fosterlings a little pressie. *Cough* *Cough* Okay, so they're not so little LOL! I started out with my sensible head on, bought all of them something to acknowledge the Italian football team - well, come on, that was a given :) So far so good. But then on the way back from Sorrento we found an Italian McCarthy Glen outlet and even better, a Diesel shop! Jeff had to almost drag me out of the shop, but not before I had bought baby a Diesel tee and a dress; her big brother some Diesel undies; and Ella a stunning black glittery dress. In my defence I thought the dresses could be saved for a family wedding in October. Oh, and the doudou was just because :)

And finally, just a salad. Not very exciting but as I'd managed to lose two and a half stone so far this year I really didn't want to blow it all in two weeks. Still had treats, how can you not have ice-cream in Italy?! But I didn't binge, and it paid off ........ I weighed exactly the same at the end of the holiday as at the start :) Finally beginning to be easy to turn food away - never thought I would ever say that again!


  1. Hi Suzanne! You're experiencing hair fall post menopause, i am only 30 and i feel my hair is half what it used to be. :( ive changed shampoos and what not...


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