Thursday, August 31, 2017

America Part 1

I don't fly. I did a few times, mostly to Italy to visit Nonno and Nonna and once to Portugal. I never liked it but it got me from A to B. Actually, this one time (at band camp LOL!) I did enjoy it, but it was my 21st birthday and I sat in the cockpit for takeoff! There was just too much going on to have time to think about worrying. And yes, that was many years ago, cannot see airlines doing that any more. But 19 years ago I was in a plane, on the tarmac, and completely freaked :( Had to actually get off the plane. Poor Jeff, instead of a week by the pool in hot and sunny Gran Canaria, we ended up in York. Which is actually beautiful but not quite what he was expecting. And I haven't flown since, just the thought would make my chest tighten.

But then Ben tells us he's off to Hawaii for the last 2 years of his studying so what choice did I have? I've only seen him at Easter for one week and didn't know whether he'd be back for Christmas. We kept it quiet in case I bottled it again, but with my new best friend Valium thanks to my GP, I did it. And we're talking 2 flights, each way! The Valium didn't take my negative thoughts away but seemed to dampen them. And it was worth it, oh so worth it. Not only did I see Ben and Alex before they jetted off to Hawaii but I also saw Joshua play a lot of football. Met his girlfriend Kenya. Met their lovely, lovely landlady and her equally lovely fella. And they were all right, I loved Lake Tahoe, mountains, beautiful lake, forests, cabins. Only downside was it's a bit dry. Living in England we're used to green, a lot of green, but instead there was dust, a lot of dust! However, that's about the only negative. I felt like I belonged, an aging hippy with blue hair!

So here's some photos from the first half of the holiday :) ................

August Round Up

Quick catch up cos I am really behind!
Trip to Eton, doesn't she look lovely :) ...... Ella of course!
 Pudding party at Anna's! More than just two of them, which is just as well cos Anna went into overdrive with puddings!
 Visit down to Dad and Sandra's. Dad taught fosterling how to play Scopa - Italian card game.
 Selfie with Ella, looking great!
Trip to Windsor - not the castle, just the outside and the shops! Next time maybe.
How much do I love my bestie? Let me count the ways ...... Cutting up over 800 pennants for her sons wedding!
And said wedding - in fact we went to 2 weddings in August - and both on the same day! I did the decorating, less than £200, pretty good on that budget if I say so myself :)

Trip to Go Ape
Left the GP surgery
TV Forces Open Day
Visit from Sam, Alex and Ruby
Cinema with Dawn
And a trip to America!!! More about that in the next post.
Monday, August 07, 2017

Go Ape Bracknell

One of the highlights of each school holiday is Jeff and I get to spend time with our God-daughter Orla. We try and see her 3-4 times a year as we believe if you accept the honour of being asked to be Godparents then you do the job properly and develop a relationship with the baby.

Only now she's not a baby she's eight and a half! Where did that go?

We thought about what to do, and for some unknown reason I cannot fathom, I suggested Go Ape! As if that wasn't daft enough I agreed to be the responsible adult to go up with her. I know, I have no idea how any of that happened!

Orla was a bit anxious so I assured her we could stop at any time (well, then found out that wasn't true!) and that she'd have to look after me as I was more nervous than her. Half way round I was like what the hell possessed me?? But you're on a loop so no going back, only going forward. Orla bless her went first and gave me the thumbs up and a giant smile several times. Then came the zip wire. This was the part I was dreading most, I even thought I might have to be pushed off the platform LOL! Well I did it on my own and I loved it! In fact if I could have just gone on the zip wire all the time that would have been fab!

Then came the second loop. I didn't like the look of it but Orla said she was happy to go on it alone. That girl is amazing :) I felt queasy just watching her. When she got off we asked which she would like to do again and she said Loop 2. I was like seriously? And we were so proud of her answer - because 2 was more challenging!

Then to the park and finally Pizza Hut. Definitely one of the best days of the year :)

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Ella and her 12 week review

So many emotions. 12 week review went well but our Ella's going to be in the residential home for a long time. She's happy. She's sad. She's angry. She misses us. She likes her new home. She wants me to move into the home with her. She's waiting for the complete epilepsy workup. She's waiting for the pysch workup. All that is ditto for Jeff and me too.

We went out with her today and she looked amazing. She walked everywhere without using the wheelchair. And she behaved like a little lady. Our hearts were bursting with pride and love.

On a day like today I forget the 8 months of pure hell and I just want to take her home and be with us again. But it's just selfish thoughts, just because my heart wants it, my head knows she's in the right place that's healing her physically and mentally.
Saturday, August 05, 2017

Thames Valley Police Force Open Day 2017 and Bowling

Jeff and I have decided that we are just going to care for the siblings we have at the moment over the summer holidays so that we can go out and enjoy ourselves without having a new child in the mix.

We've had the trip to Windsor the other day. And then a visit to Hollywood Bowl - Oh. My. God. How expensive??

And this time, Thames Valley Police Force Open Day. We had a lovely day, except for the weather! Well, it is August and it is England so we shouldn't be surprised, hey? We had just got to the event and got a drink, looked out and decided we'd stay in the refreshment tent for a bit. Very wise choice! Such a lot of rain.

Once it eased we spent about 3 hours looking at the exhibitions, displays, museum, and generally having a nice time. If the weather had been good we would have stayed longer but I looked at the sky and said to Jeff I wanted to leave. Half way back to the car and we could see the lightening!! It wasn't close initially, but we only just got back to the car in time before the storm hit overhead.

Didn't spoil the day though, would definitely go again next year!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Spending time with friends

We have just had one of our friends to visit with her girls. They've had a pretty rough time of it lately, which I am planning on blogging about separately.

So they came down for 5 days and ate and drank and watched the telly and played table tennis in the garden and went out and stayed in and ....... well, you get the picture.

Jeff and me have been friends with Sam since she was 16 - and she's 40 this year! Yes, I said that out loud, but there's a good chance I'll pay the price when she reads it :) So she was determined that she wasn't going to visit without seeing Ella.

First we dropped Sam, the girls and the teen fosterling in Windsor. Then we went to collect Ella from near Windsor. Then drove back to Windsor. Had a lovely few hours in Windsor with us, our adopted daughter, our 2 fosterlings and Sam and the girls - what a crazy mixed bunch! Then had to do the car journeys in reverse. Who would have thought a seven seater wouldn't be big enough! But worth the driving to and fro to have everyone together. Some days are just the best :)