Thursday, August 31, 2017

America Part 1

I don't fly. I did a few times, mostly to Italy to visit Nonno and Nonna and once to Portugal. I never liked it but it got me from A to B. Actually, this one time (at band camp LOL!) I did enjoy it, but it was my 21st birthday and I sat in the cockpit for takeoff! There was just too much going on to have time to think about worrying. And yes, that was many years ago, cannot see airlines doing that any more. But 19 years ago I was in a plane, on the tarmac, and completely freaked :( Had to actually get off the plane. Poor Jeff, instead of a week by the pool in hot and sunny Gran Canaria, we ended up in York. Which is actually beautiful but not quite what he was expecting. And I haven't flown since, just the thought would make my chest tighten.

But then Ben tells us he's off to Hawaii for the last 2 years of his studying so what choice did I have? I've only seen him at Easter for one week and didn't know whether he'd be back for Christmas. We kept it quiet in case I bottled it again, but with my new best friend Valium thanks to my GP, I did it. And we're talking 2 flights, each way! The Valium didn't take my negative thoughts away but seemed to dampen them. And it was worth it, oh so worth it. Not only did I see Ben and Alex before they jetted off to Hawaii but I also saw Joshua play a lot of football. Met his girlfriend Kenya. Met their lovely, lovely landlady and her equally lovely fella. And they were all right, I loved Lake Tahoe, mountains, beautiful lake, forests, cabins. Only downside was it's a bit dry. Living in England we're used to green, a lot of green, but instead there was dust, a lot of dust! However, that's about the only negative. I felt like I belonged, an aging hippy with blue hair!

So here's some photos from the first half of the holiday :) ................


  1. Guess you had a wonderful time at America. I'm really happy to see that you enjoyed your stay. Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures with us.


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