Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Round Up

Quick catch up cos I am really behind!
Trip to Eton, doesn't she look lovely :) ...... Ella of course!
 Pudding party at Anna's! More than just two of them, which is just as well cos Anna went into overdrive with puddings!
 Visit down to Dad and Sandra's. Dad taught fosterling how to play Scopa - Italian card game.
 Selfie with Ella, looking great!
Trip to Windsor - not the castle, just the outside and the shops! Next time maybe.
How much do I love my bestie? Let me count the ways ...... Cutting up over 800 pennants for her sons wedding!
And said wedding - in fact we went to 2 weddings in August - and both on the same day! I did the decorating, less than £200, pretty good on that budget if I say so myself :)

Trip to Go Ape
Left the GP surgery
TV Forces Open Day
Visit from Sam, Alex and Ruby
Cinema with Dawn
And a trip to America!!! More about that in the next post.


  1. WOW!! What a busy but fun month! We visited Windsor Castle on that high school trip to England and France I went on in 1982. I don't remember much except the amazing doll house that used to belong to one of the Queens when she was little.

  2. Like you there was a time i was also afraid of flying when i was a grade 10 student. But lately now i have to travel a lot and my fears are now faded away and this is why i would recommend you travel.


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