Monday, August 07, 2017

Go Ape Bracknell

One of the highlights of each school holiday is Jeff and I get to spend time with our God-daughter Orla. We try and see her 3-4 times a year as we believe if you accept the honour of being asked to be Godparents then you do the job properly and develop a relationship with the baby.

Only now she's not a baby she's eight and a half! Where did that go?

We thought about what to do, and for some unknown reason I cannot fathom, I suggested Go Ape! As if that wasn't daft enough I agreed to be the responsible adult to go up with her. I know, I have no idea how any of that happened!

Orla was a bit anxious so I assured her we could stop at any time (well, then found out that wasn't true!) and that she'd have to look after me as I was more nervous than her. Half way round I was like what the hell possessed me?? But you're on a loop so no going back, only going forward. Orla bless her went first and gave me the thumbs up and a giant smile several times. Then came the zip wire. This was the part I was dreading most, I even thought I might have to be pushed off the platform LOL! Well I did it on my own and I loved it! In fact if I could have just gone on the zip wire all the time that would have been fab!

Then came the second loop. I didn't like the look of it but Orla said she was happy to go on it alone. That girl is amazing :) I felt queasy just watching her. When she got off we asked which she would like to do again and she said Loop 2. I was like seriously? And we were so proud of her answer - because 2 was more challenging!

Then to the park and finally Pizza Hut. Definitely one of the best days of the year :)


  1. Haha you're braver than me. I made stu take the boys!!

  2. That's awesome! Orla must've really had a blast that day! Those parks are getting popular here too but you won't get me doing it. lol

  3. What a doll she is! Sounds like a day of good memories made.
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