Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Spending time with friends

We have just had one of our friends to visit with her girls. They've had a pretty rough time of it lately, which I am planning on blogging about separately.

So they came down for 5 days and ate and drank and watched the telly and played table tennis in the garden and went out and stayed in and ....... well, you get the picture.

Jeff and me have been friends with Sam since she was 16 - and she's 40 this year! Yes, I said that out loud, but there's a good chance I'll pay the price when she reads it :) So she was determined that she wasn't going to visit without seeing Ella.

First we dropped Sam, the girls and the teen fosterling in Windsor. Then we went to collect Ella from near Windsor. Then drove back to Windsor. Had a lovely few hours in Windsor with us, our adopted daughter, our 2 fosterlings and Sam and the girls - what a crazy mixed bunch! Then had to do the car journeys in reverse. Who would have thought a seven seater wouldn't be big enough! But worth the driving to and fro to have everyone together. Some days are just the best :)


  1. Glad you could all have a good time even if you didn't have a car big enough.

  2. I didnt get it i am sorry theres so much going on on your website. are you running a foster home or you have just adopted kids? how do you take out time for yourself?


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