Saturday, August 05, 2017

Thames Valley Police Force Open Day 2017 and Bowling

Jeff and I have decided that we are just going to care for the siblings we have at the moment over the summer holidays so that we can go out and enjoy ourselves without having a new child in the mix.

We've had the trip to Windsor the other day. And then a visit to Hollywood Bowl - Oh. My. God. How expensive??

And this time, Thames Valley Police Force Open Day. We had a lovely day, except for the weather! Well, it is August and it is England so we shouldn't be surprised, hey? We had just got to the event and got a drink, looked out and decided we'd stay in the refreshment tent for a bit. Very wise choice! Such a lot of rain.

Once it eased we spent about 3 hours looking at the exhibitions, displays, museum, and generally having a nice time. If the weather had been good we would have stayed longer but I looked at the sky and said to Jeff I wanted to leave. Half way back to the car and we could see the lightening!! It wasn't close initially, but we only just got back to the car in time before the storm hit overhead.

Didn't spoil the day though, would definitely go again next year!


  1. Without having a new child in the mix makes you appear mean though, but all in all Valley police open day sounded as a sure get away plan for an entire family


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