Sunday, November 19, 2017

7 Day Black & White Challenge

I was tagged by a friend to take part in the 7 day everyday life black and white photograph challenge. Couldn't refuse, love taking photo's. Wasn't told until half way through that it wasn't supposed to include human beans but whatever, I look on it as artistic licence ...... or isn't the very point of having rules to be able to break them :)

DAY 1 - I've been creating a monthly scrapbook album for baby.

DAY 2 - Trip to Durley Chine

DAY 3 - Love this simple photograph

DAY 4 - Reading train station. Actually impressed with this photo, every now and then I take a photo and think 'Wow, I could be a photographer ........ then I take another and remember why I couldn't!'

DAY 5 - Another everyday moment

DAY 6 - My bedside table! Which did have a tidy up before I took the photograph :)

DAY 7 - My craft room - severely neglected at the moment :(


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