Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Round Up

Last catch up! Now just need to keep on top of it ....... again :) Being 5 months behind I did think about just stopping, but then Joseph told me him and Kerrie were looking through it recently and how much they enjoyed it. And it reminded me that that's the number one reason I have a blog - for recording for the family.

Trip to seaside.
Seeing dad and Sandra.
Usual fostering stuff - meetings; HV; optician; Silsip; messy play;  LAC awards - actually, more fostering related appointments than anything else during November.
Ella's annual EHCP review.
Left the contract job earlier than planned.
Ella had an award ceremony.
Cinema with Jeff, Daddy's Home 2 - bloody funny!
Updated my Paediatric First Aid training.
Lots of pantomime rehearsals.
Had a whole day scrapbooking - yay!


  1. I never seem to get as much as I'd like to on scrapbooks in a day. Always seems to take longer than I expect.


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