Sunday, December 31, 2017

December Round Up

Actually doing December on time :)

Josh home 9th Dec to 9th Jan
Ben home 9th Dec to 30th Dec
Joshua's girlfriend Kenya visiting 16th Dec to 9th Jan
Joe and Kerrie here for a couple of days
Jeff out playing, and still mostly winning, pool.
Shona put acrylic nails on me. My nails didn't like them and within 2 weeks the whole lot pinged off, trying gel nails next time!
Out with Dawn and me Julie to celebrate Christmas.
Panto rehearsals.
Out with Jeanette and Sandra to celebrate Christmas.
Meet up with the old college girls.
Went to the foster carer's cafe and we were the only foster carers there!
Foster appointments.
Christmas Fair at Ella's school.
Family party.
Lots of trips to the airport!
Jeff out partying.
Dad and Sandra visited.
Taking Orla out for the day.
Saville Gardens.
Hampton Court Palace.
Job offer.
Robert and co all visited.
Ella's birthday.
Joshua's birthday.
Not even mentioning the whole Ella meltdown.
Been a busy month!


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