Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ella - 8 months on, Part 2

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages after reading yesterday's post. It warms my heart to know so many people care about our Ella.

So, to recap on the 26th some of her behaviour included: throwing cups; attacking a member of staff and laughing about it; then throwing anything she could get hold of; running after staff and threatening to hurt them and the other service users; scratched Jeff; banging and kicking doors; pulling staff hair; trying to bite; grabbing their throats.

This continued all day. The OOH Doctor couldn't assess her due to her violent behaviour. Ambulance managed to administer her medication, eliminated any infection worries and advised a psychiatry review as she was medically fit.

Ella slept well but behaviour escalated almost immediately, grabbing hair, throwing furniture, attacking anyone near her. Ambulance called back out (as per their suggestion the previous evening) and they took her to A&E. She was so aggressive that 2 security men had to stay with her throughout her time there. Lorazapam administered to calm her down. Tests done. Sent home as hospital said it was mental health and as she has a learning disability they cannot section her. So she went back to the home and her behaviour went on till 4 in the morning when she fell asleep. Woke up 3 hours later and started again!

Most of today she has continued. The home managed to get hold of her psychiatrist who disagreed with A&E, wanted the Diazapam stopped, and said they hadn't carried out blood and urine tests. The Manager phoned to let me know this and that they had phoned for an ambulance.

I phoned 4 hours later to find out what was happening. Ended up speaking to an ambulance man who was part of a team that had been at the home 3, yes 3, hours trying to decide on the best course of action. The A&E Dept disagreed and said they had done all the tests necessary and they had all come back clear so wouldn't admit her. Her psychiatrist was unavailable. So he had phoned the local mental health hospital which has a specialist unit for people with MH and LD. That Doctor says to reintroduce the Diazapam! Which he had done but it had made no difference. He was now waiting to speak to control with a view to getting the police out and sectioning her for her safety, the staff and the other residents. Maybe then she will finally get the support she needs. The support we've been asking for for a long time. But if the 'pass the buck' mentality that we've seen the past few days continues I won't raise my hopes.


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