Saturday, December 30, 2017

Ella - Final Update for now

So in the early hours of the 29th she was admitted to the local hospital, PP, that deals with mental health. She was examined by an on-call pyschiatrist, GP and Social Worker. She was exhausted, hardly surprising. Long story short they decide it's not a mental health illness. By the end of the 29th she was back at the care home and the only difference was the local council had agreed for extra funding for a one to one until this current episode subsides.

By the morning of the 30th she was back to square one.

I need to know:

1. Who thinks it's okay for this to go on for 5 days - and counting - and just pass Ella from pillar to post?

2. Was a pregnancy test done? Yes seriously, she said she had a boyfriend and we all know hormones causes all sorts of problems. And yes, I sound calm, trust me, I wasn't when it was broached.

3. She has Diazapam as needed, prescribed by her own psychiatrist, Dr K who is a specialist for people with learning difficulties. At A&E in WPH they overrode this decision and said to have it 3 times a day. When Dr K heard this he said no, revert. When she went to PP they changed it again!

4. The emergency SW that spoke with me admitted that as they didn't know Ella they were going to take advice from the local council who knows Ella better. Except they don't. These people are all making decisions on Ella that barely know her. She has a rare syndrome so just because she might not meet the normal expectations of someone with a mental health issue doesn't mean that she doesn't have any problems, she just presents differently. Even the manager at the care home, who works full time with adults with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours feels that Ella has extra needs.

5. WPH said they completed all tests for infections and they were all clear. Dr K reviewed the tests and said no urine and specific bloods were done. Also 2 results were slightly high. WPH said not true and refused to admit her as they feel they have done all they can. We then hear PP also feel that the A&E Department didn't do a thorough work up. I still don't know if everything was done and the results.

6. She needed 2 security guards?? The paramedics wrote a minimum of 7 pages. Does this not ring alarm bells? Even if, and I don't agree, she doesn't have any mental health issues, there is something going on and everyone just wiping their hands of her is not actually helping her, the other residents, the staff, the 3 ambulance crews, etc. etc. etc.

7. WPH said that as she had no medical cause for her behaviour and she has learning difficulties they were not able to section her. The paramedic told me that he was able to declare her not safe for herself and everyone else in the home and then involve the police. Why could WPH not do this? Was it because they had 130 people in A&E and Ella was too much work? I know this figure because one of the Consultants spoke to me and said the doctor examining Ella would phone me as he would probably need information the care home staff wouldn't have. Except he didn't phone back and by the time I ran out of patience and rang back she had been discharged. I assume this means that the care home were able to give him a complete medical history? ............. No, I don't think so either.

8. Emails were being sent about Ella without copying me in. Being a year older than Jeff I am her legal next of kin and we are still her parents. How dare we not be included.

9. There have been some stand-out positive moments. The paramedics who refused to leave without some resolution. The care home wanting Ella to go back. Our local council dealing with the request landing on them on the 29th thoroughly. But she has been let down tremendously by our National Health Service.

I am exhausted. Emotionally drained. Angry. Crying for my Ella who will eventually come out of this but as she has no understanding of time will fret for many months as she will think it has just happened.


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