Monday, December 04, 2017

Too much eating out!

December 1st Jeff agreed we could go Christmas shopping. If I'd ask him on November 30th I would have got a very different answer, he lives up to his nickname, Mr Bah Humbug man :) We are not allowed to mention the C word any time of the year except for Christmas. I noticed that's become a common phrase in recent years, but Jeff has been saying it for as long as I remember.

Anyhow, back to the title of the post. After we had finished getting nearly everything we went to lunch. Jeff chose the new buffet available at Tangs in the new Lexicon shopping centre. For me it was okay, but only okay. We've tried several buffet places, Jimmy Spice, Cosmos and now this one. I liked how helpful the staff were, how quickly we were served and the place looked pretty clean. However, there were a few things that put me off. One was that the place was cold, and the plates were cold, which meant by the time you chose all your food, and get back to the table, the food isn't hot! Then there was the selection. I know all the buffet places have a reduced menu at lunch times but there was no Italian at all, despite being on the menu, and it nearly all Chinese and Indian. A few more vegetarian options would have been nice. Desserts were much the same, obviously all the places by them from the same place. But Tangs also had bananas and custard - oh how that took me back to childhood, so they get a big tick for that LOL! All in all, I will give it a second chance as it's still new and finding its feet - but only one more chance!

On 2nd December I had arranged to go out with Dawn and me Julie, this time to The Admiral Cunningham. Julie and me used to go there a lot at lunchtimes when we worked at Racal's. In fact I have a photograph of us celebrating her 18th birthday there! So we had booked their Christmas meal, and we were the only people eating it! That was initially a bit weird, sitting at a decorated table in the middle of a busy pub on a Friday night! Having said that, the meal was lovely and the company even lovlier. Only negative was there was no crackers! How can you have a Christmas meal with no corny jokes to read!

On the 4th during the day I went to Bracknell Leisure Centre and met up with the other girls from when I worked at Bracknell and Wokingham College. Can't really rate that - a sandwich is a sandwich! And a herbal tea is a bag in boiling water! But it was great to catch up with everyone.

And then on the 4th in the evening I went out with Jeanette and Sandra!This time was the Christmas meal at the Golden Retriever. Again, great company and a perfect meal. No rushing us, although it took half an hour for the staff to sort out the bill! Our table was right beside the real open fire, which just finished off the evening perfectly :)

I think that was it!! What a week, not great for the diet, I am so going to have put weight back on by the end of Christmas, but I now know I can lose weight, so will start again in the new year :)


  1. I love eating out but we hardly ever go anymore. Your outings sounded like fun and delish!


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