Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Copenhagen and Booking.com

When I was sorting out tickets for Joshua and Kenya to head back to California, there was no direct flight that was under two grand! So instead they were flying to Copenhagen, with a 13 hour layover overnight, and then flying out the following lunchtime to San Francisco.

I went on Booking.com and found accommodation close to the airport. Booked said accommodation and then on the day waved them off.

About 11:30pm get a phone call from Joshua. They have got a taxi to drop them off at the property, but there's no-one on the door to let them in, just a keypad. I phone the number and it's an answerphone so leave a polite but angry message - I know, sounds contradictory, it's a skill. Then look at the booking. Did I screw up and book the wrong day?! Nope. But, I then notice a line that says that after booking the owners will be in touch with an access code. Ah. That would be the problem then, no email.

By now it's gone midnight. Joshua and Kenya have no means of getting a taxi so had to walk back to the airport, just under 2 miles, gone midnight, with suitcases, and 'sleep' at the airport all night! All that was missing was neon arrows pointing to them saying 'Easy target, please mug us!' Jeff and I sat in the house feeling sick until we knew they were safe at gone 1:00am.

Now obviously I was going to complain. Sent an email to booking.com pretty much covering the above; the people didn't honour the contract by omitting to send the access code - and that actually they were very lucky we were only asking for the cost back and not seeking damages for them having been mugged!

The initial response was their standard reply and my review was 'held'. However, within 24 hours I had confirmation the booking had been cancelled, the monies refunded and review was published. Not only that, if they had incurred any costs having to stay at another hotel they would have applied to get that back too.

We're quick enough to criticise, so credit where credit is due too :)
Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Year, New Car, New Job!

Well, the post title says it all. Things are still difficult with Ella and other stuff. But there's also good :) and anyone that reads this regularly knows that I won't be beat by whatever shite is thrown my way - and boy has a lot been thrown over the years!

Before Christmas I went to several interviews, and the one I wanted most I got! I was surprised because, although I know I could do the job, and knew the information, I was so nervous at the interview I thought I had blown it! Apparently not. This time there's no insecure females above me,  hopefully that means I'll be able to enjoy the role without all the office politics.

So, of course I need a car because it's not easy to get to on public transport. Not impossible, but would add a lot of time to travelling. The last car I got to choose for me was the Mini when I was pregnant with Joseph - 27 years ago!! Every car since then has had to be practical to transport the children, teens, fosterlings, around. For the last few years I have loved the new Fiat 500 but couldn't justify buying one. Now however things were different :) I wanted a traditional colour, red, white or green to go with the Italian flag. There are some lovely colours out there but I knew what I wanted. We went for white. The company, Chequers Cars, replaced the two front tyres, and the gear knob (can't have a broken knob hey?). When we got it home Jeff went online, ordered the stripe, and added the Italian flag stripe along the length of the car.

Say hello to my new car, I love her! It's so sad, but every time I see her in the car park I smile!
Sunday, January 07, 2018

Mini Marie Therese's 5 way vintage chandelier

During our visit to see Joshua and Benjamin in California last year we spent a day at Old Sacramento with the boys amazingly lovely landlady Kris and her fella Tony. Whilst there we went into an ice-cream parlour and they had lots of these chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately the owner couldn't tell us where they came from as they were part of the furniture when he bought the business.

Jeff said if I could find them when we got home then he wouldn't stop me having one put in the studio. I think he felt they would be impossible to buy and it was a safe bet. Just as well I had two witnesses to his agreement :)

I managed to find them on a website called iconic lights. Delivered within a couple of days, and Jeff had it installed just as quickly - one advantage to being married to an electrician :) My studio has been sadly neglected for quite a while, and I want to get back in there creating so this is one big step to sorting out the 'storeroom' as Joe called it and reverting it back to its former glory :)
Thursday, January 04, 2018

Swift White

With our ever-so-slightly busy life any pampering comes way down - and I mean way, way down - on my list. So when I was asked if I'd like to review Swift White Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder I wasn't going to say no :)

I know most visitors to my site are family and friends, or guests looking up fostering - sen - lis franc injury - areas that I spout on about a lot! So here's a brief pro's and con's for those interested:

Pro's - being a vegetarian for over 35 years the fact that it's vegan friendly  and cruelty free were huge pluses. That and that it's 100% natural - you know me, all about saving the planet one day at a time. And in a nutshell it works, my teeth are definitely whiter, which, you know, was the purpose of the exercise.

Con's - You have to not mind having a mouthful of grey LOL Oh, and being extra careful when rinsing, unless you want your bathroom redecorated! And it would be helpful to have slightly more information on the tub, e.g. how long before I notice amazing results, did I still need to clean my teeth as normal first?

Recommend? Absolutely, who wouldn't want whiter teeth without all that bleaching and chemicals?
Monday, January 01, 2018

Last Post for 2017 #bestnine2017

Like last year I didn't use the photographs that Instagram chose but instead picked my own nine. This year has been probably one of the most turbulent.

We had Joshua at the beginning of the year: the foster allegation: losing my job: Ella going into a residential care home and then her recent breakdown.

But we have also had an amazing year including Joe and Kerrie getting engaged; Ricki and Kim getting married; Mum and Dad both celebrating their 80th birthdays; Joshua's second operation was more successful; Jeff and me finally having a honeymoon 23 years late; I lost two and a half stone; Meeting up with my girlfriends; I got back in a plane and went to California/Lake Tahoe to see the boys and met their lovely landlady Kris; and ending the year with a successful interview.

There were other highs and lows, but we've made another year and that'll do :)

Happy New Year, and here's to meeting headfirst and surviving another 2018 chooses to throw at us xx