Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Copenhagen and Booking.com

When I was sorting out tickets for Joshua and Kenya to head back to California, there was no direct flight that was under two grand! So instead they were flying to Copenhagen, with a 13 hour layover overnight, and then flying out the following lunchtime to San Francisco.

I went on Booking.com and found accommodation close to the airport. Booked said accommodation and then on the day waved them off.

About 11:30pm get a phone call from Joshua. They have got a taxi to drop them off at the property, but there's no-one on the door to let them in, just a keypad. I phone the number and it's an answerphone so leave a polite but angry message - I know, sounds contradictory, it's a skill. Then look at the booking. Did I screw up and book the wrong day?! Nope. But, I then notice a line that says that after booking the owners will be in touch with an access code. Ah. That would be the problem then, no email.

By now it's gone midnight. Joshua and Kenya have no means of getting a taxi so had to walk back to the airport, just under 2 miles, gone midnight, with suitcases, and 'sleep' at the airport all night! All that was missing was neon arrows pointing to them saying 'Easy target, please mug us!' Jeff and I sat in the house feeling sick until we knew they were safe at gone 1:00am.

Now obviously I was going to complain. Sent an email to booking.com pretty much covering the above; the people didn't honour the contract by omitting to send the access code - and that actually they were very lucky we were only asking for the cost back and not seeking damages for them having been mugged!

The initial response was their standard reply and my review was 'held'. However, within 24 hours I had confirmation the booking had been cancelled, the monies refunded and review was published. Not only that, if they had incurred any costs having to stay at another hotel they would have applied to get that back too.

We're quick enough to criticise, so credit where credit is due too :)


  1. Were they mugged for real???

    1. No! What I was saying to the company was that they could have been as they were put in a dangerous position because the hotel messed up xx


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