Monday, January 01, 2018

Last Post for 2017 #bestnine2017

Like last year I didn't use the photographs that Instagram chose but instead picked my own nine. This year has been probably one of the most turbulent.

We had Joshua at the beginning of the year: the foster allegation: losing my job: Ella going into a residential care home and then her recent breakdown.

But we have also had an amazing year including Joe and Kerrie getting engaged; Ricki and Kim getting married; Mum and Dad both celebrating their 80th birthdays; Joshua's second operation was more successful; Jeff and me finally having a honeymoon 23 years late; I lost two and a half stone; Meeting up with my girlfriends; I got back in a plane and went to California/Lake Tahoe to see the boys and met their lovely landlady Kris; and ending the year with a successful interview.

There were other highs and lows, but we've made another year and that'll do :)

Happy New Year, and here's to meeting headfirst and surviving another 2018 chooses to throw at us xx


  1. I hope 2018 is better for Ella. Happy New Year Suzanne!

  2. Happy new year to you too JoJo :) We are all praying/chanting/keeping our fingers crossed! Anything that works xx


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