Sunday, January 07, 2018

Mini Marie Therese's 5 way vintage chandelier

During our visit to see Joshua and Benjamin in California last year we spent a day at Old Sacramento with the boys amazingly lovely landlady Kris and her fella Tony. Whilst there we went into an ice-cream parlour and they had lots of these chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately the owner couldn't tell us where they came from as they were part of the furniture when he bought the business.

Jeff said if I could find them when we got home then he wouldn't stop me having one put in the studio. I think he felt they would be impossible to buy and it was a safe bet. Just as well I had two witnesses to his agreement :)

I managed to find them on a website called iconic lights. Delivered within a couple of days, and Jeff had it installed just as quickly - one advantage to being married to an electrician :) My studio has been sadly neglected for quite a while, and I want to get back in there creating so this is one big step to sorting out the 'storeroom' as Joe called it and reverting it back to its former glory :)


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