Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 18 Round Up

Another busy month, but thankfully not as manic as January.

Ella is still a major cause of worry for us. More meetings. More decisions. But not enough action. But I've got a huge update about that early next month and I cannot go over old ground, we just prayer daily for a glimpse of our girl - as Jeff says, the Ella at the moment is not our little girl :(

New job still going well. Another meeting in London feeling important again - although I don't think I need to go again, so not so important after all LOL! Also working periodically at a second location - and even though the journey is a bit of a rush-hour pain, it's worth it to see this view in the morning :)

We had a fosterling move onto adoption. That was a new experience, but we have been the other side of it when we adopted Ella so had a good idea of the process. Made her a scrapbook album with a lot of journalling, as we found we had huge gaps in Ella's early years before we adopted her.

Another trip to Hampton Court Palace :) Both times recently we've found areas we've never seen in all the previous visits. I don't know what it is about the place, just enjoy visiting it so much - wonder if I lived there in a previous life? If I did it wouldn't have been as one of Henry VIII's wives as I get good vibes from it, which wasn't the emotions most of his wives had LOL!

World Cancer Day, bought this wristband and have worn it every day since.

One thing I don't get to treat myself to as often as I would like, or probably need, is a trip to the hairdressers. Last time was August before we went to America. Walked into a new salon as my old one had closed and they had just that minute had a cancellation. I have a couple of thinning spots - love this growing old lark! - so thought a slight change might mask it for a while, hello fringe! I must admit I spent all evening looking in the mirror, and think it actually makes me look a little younger, which is always a bonus :)

What else?

Trip to A&E with a fosterling
Went to see Wicked at the Apollo Theatre in London - even Jeff liked it and he is not really (to put it mildly) into musical theatre
Went to see The Greatest Showman with my BFF :)
Went to see The Greatest Showman with our God-daughter for her birthday - and made Jeff go to see that too ;)
And on Valentine's day Jeff and I actually got to go out for a meal, just the 2 of us. Flashback to last year when we went with 3 children in tow LOL!
Went to the Enchanted Fair which is very steampunk - goth - pagan - folky - alternative. Although Jeff made me laugh when he made a comment about how everyone is trying to show their individuality by wearing the same alternative clothing LMAO!
Went down to Dad and Sandra's
Got a phone call at 6am from mum cos she had had a fall. Jeff rushed straight round there to be the dutiful son-in-law. Thankfully no serious damage.
Back to London again for meetings for work. So still feeling all important ...... no more meetings now so the self-importance feelings will soon fade :)

Geez, no wonder we're so knackered!!!
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Going out ...... a lot!

Not sure how it happened, but we seem to have been out and about a lot this month, so here's a brief run down :)

For Valentine's Day Jeff and I went to an Indian Restaurant, the Koh-i-Noor, in Bracknell. Haven't had an actual Indian in a restaurant for years! And the best bit, unlike other restaurants, it's perfectly acceptable to take leftovers home in a doggy bag ....... but not for a doggy :) And another best bit, it was just the 2 of us! We reckon it's 19 years since we have actually been out for Valentines Day without children in tow :)
Went to the annual Enchanted Fair with Jeff and a fosterling. Explained to the fosterling that it would be good for him to go to see how different people live their life, but once we had walked round once he could leave. So pleased when he decided to stay past that, and for another hour or two. Jeff and I went back on the Sunday too. Spooky after effect......Jeff was convinced someone was in his garage with him a couple of days later, along with me seeing a Goddess, and smelling strong body lotion. Convinced his mum was trying to get through to us!
Saw The Greatest Showman at the cinema .... twice!! Once with my BFF and then with Jeff, Orla and a fosterling for her birthday. Love the soundtrack! Keep playing it through my headphones at work. Which is fine until you think the office is empty and singalong at the top of your voice and then realise someone else is in the office LOL!
And the finale? Jeff, fosterling and me went up to London to see Wicked at the Apollo Theatre. I went a few years ago with Joshua (who incidentally took Kenya while they were here at Christmas) but it was A's first London show, and as for Jeff.....well he really isn't into musical theatre but even he liked it. I think the humour woven throughout helped a lot :)
Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Moving on with a Scrapbook

Whenever a fosterling that has been with us a while moves on I always make a scrapbook to keep the memories for them. As you know I like scrapbooking, that billion dollar industry, and creating scrapbooks - have loads :) However I have had numerous discussions with our local SS because they think it sounds like the children's memories and the album are scrap. We agree to disagree, until they decide to rename the whole hobby I shall continue making scrapbooks - me? Difficult? ;)

Anyhow, regardless of what it's called I think it is important to help preserve memories. When we adopted Ella at 3 and a half we were given very little personal information. Yes, we got the main stuff to do with the courts and her SEN but not the personal stuff that has helped to evolve her personality. I want to do our bit to fill in some of those gaps.

I can't, and wouldn't even if I could, show much as it's personal. So here's just a few snapshots of the album for our latest mover...........

Thursday, February 01, 2018

January 18 Round Up

Well the year started with a bang!
Joseph and Kerrie left on the 29th.
Benjamin left on the 30th.
Joshua and Kenya left on the 9th - that didn't go off without a hitch!
I started a new job :)
Enjoying my new job :)
Having meetings in London for the new job - feeling very important LOL!
Trip to A&E for a fosterling.
Chest x-ray for Benjamin.
I got a new car!!
Karma came & rightfully bit the bum of someone who well and truly deserved it :)
Pantomime run was great fun
Date night with Jeff, we went and saw Jumanji - would actually go and see it again, loved it that much!
Jeff attended a Multi Disciplinary Team Meeting for Ella, at 19 it was her first!
Lots and lots of fostering meetings.
Ella has had so many assessments, but has on the whole had a better few weeks than the end Dec/beg Jan.
I complained to and got a full refund.
Complained to both hospitals regarding Ella's treatment - watch this space.
Finished babe's scrapbook album.