Thursday, February 01, 2018

January 18 Round Up

Well the year started with a bang!
Joseph and Kerrie left on the 29th.
Benjamin left on the 30th.
Joshua and Kenya left on the 9th - that didn't go off without a hitch!
I started a new job :)
Enjoying my new job :)
Having meetings in London for the new job - feeling very important LOL!
Trip to A&E for a fosterling.
Chest x-ray for Benjamin.
I got a new car!!
Karma came & rightfully bit the bum of someone who well and truly deserved it :)
Pantomime run was great fun
Date night with Jeff, we went and saw Jumanji - would actually go and see it again, loved it that much!
Jeff attended a Multi Disciplinary Team Meeting for Ella, at 19 it was her first!
Lots and lots of fostering meetings.
Ella has had so many assessments, but has on the whole had a better few weeks than the end Dec/beg Jan.
I complained to and got a full refund.
Complained to both hospitals regarding Ella's treatment - watch this space.
Finished babe's scrapbook album.


  1. You are a busy girl!!!!!!

    1. I knew January was going to be manic, aiming for a quieter February - I can dream LOL! x


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