Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Moving on with a Scrapbook

Whenever a fosterling that has been with us a while moves on I always make a scrapbook to keep the memories for them. As you know I like scrapbooking, that billion dollar industry, and creating scrapbooks - have loads :) However I have had numerous discussions with our local SS because they think it sounds like the children's memories and the album are scrap. We agree to disagree, until they decide to rename the whole hobby I shall continue making scrapbooks - me? Difficult? ;)

Anyhow, regardless of what it's called I think it is important to help preserve memories. When we adopted Ella at 3 and a half we were given very little personal information. Yes, we got the main stuff to do with the courts and her SEN but not the personal stuff that has helped to evolve her personality. I want to do our bit to fill in some of those gaps.

I can't, and wouldn't even if I could, show much as it's personal. So here's just a few snapshots of the album for our latest mover...........


  1. You did a great job! But I'm surprised that people haven't heard of 'scrap books' cause it's a huge hobby! I even have different kinds. A basic one for bits and bobs, then there are the Earle Family Albums, I have one each for my dogs Pepper and Sagan. And then tons and tons AND TONS of photo albums that go back to 1977. lol

  2. Sounds like my collection Jo! x


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