Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 18 Round Up

Oh goodness, I honestly thought March would make up for January and February, but nope! So, deep breath ......

We had our annual foster review. Three years we have been carers! The last year has been the hardest of the 3, but not enough to make us close the doors and say enoughs enough. Mind, we nearly did!

Snow - lots of it, which included a couple of working-from-home snow days, so that's always a plus :)
Scrapping weekend
Fosterling off on a school trip
Michaelangelo exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
Girls evening out
Martha's Quiz
Jeff and I volunteered to run the bar for the Quince Players - feel like I've stepped back 35 years!
Saw Dad and Sandra
First panto prep meeting - have agreed to be the Production Assistant. I know, mad!
Spot of day care for fostering, first time, takes me back to when the 3 boys were little!
Car show Wheels Day
Ideal Home Exhibition

But, I have looked at my diary for April and it's looking good - as in quiet :)


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