Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Weekend break to Italy March 18 - Part 2

We stayed at the Hotel Damaso, a small (40 rooms I believe) boutique hotel, on the Piazza Della Cancelleria. Despite Google stating it is a one-star, it is most definitely a three-star hotel. 

We arrived at midday, although check-in isn't until 2pm. We were able to do all the paperwork needed quickly and painlessly, and then leave our luggage with them while we went out for the day. When we returned our baggage had already been left in our room.

A complimentary drink each was included for their bar, which I made full use of on the Thursday night, having a rare dark rum and coke. Now that was interesting, trying to convince the barman that I really did want coke in the alcohol :) We also had a bite to eat at their bar on the first night, but after walking 17,000+ steps (I kid you not!) they really were just mouthfuls. I mean, very elegant dining. Just not Jeff and me. I guess I'm saying then that we're not elegant LOL!

Our room was lovely, they had kindly given us an upgrade. I thought this was because it was off season and therefore not busy, and the hotel was very quiet. But at breakfast there was a steady stream of people so I'm guessing there was more people there than we knew - so good sound-proofing! Speaking of breakfast, it was amazing. We ate so well both mornings we didn't bother with lunch. It's very much a continental breakfast but with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and toast as well, you could almost have a traditional English. We went down early both mornings, cos you know we don't sleep. But it meant an hour to enjoy breakfast, sitting by the window, people watching.
There are no extras like a pool or hot tub, but to be honest, we wouldn't have used it if there had been one. I mean it's a short break in the most amazing capital in the world (okay, yes I'm biased!) so are we going to spend it sitting in a tub, or walking along cobble stoned streets, finding something new around every corner? Um, that's a rhetorical question! 

A couple of points worth highlighting, certainly nothing to stop us recommending the hotel, but worth being made aware of. There are no irons, which, when you're traveling is a bit of a nuisance. They were more than happy to lend us a steamer, but think about what needs pressing as soon as you arrive, rather than waiting till you're about to get dressed! The windows open wide, unlike in the UK where there are window restrictors. This was fine for us, but if we'd had children with us I would have been asking for a lower floor. And finally, no milk - powered or in those very environmentally unfriendly pots - which, for an Englishman is sacrilege! How was I going to enjoy my morning cuppa? I did mention this to the receptionist when we were leaving. He said if I'd asked they would have brought me some up, but when I wake up I like to put the kettle on and have that first cup straight away, without having to wait for room service. Like I say, nothing that would stop me from going, but worth being aware of. 

The position of the hotel was perfect, nearly all the major sites were within a half hour walk and there were bus stops all over for when our legs decided they didn't want to play the walking game any more. Again, when we checked out we were able to leave our luggage so we could fully enjoy our last day. When we returned to wait for our transfer the concierge made me a pot of tea to make up for my disappointment at no milk in the room. 

Overall we felt completely spoiled at our stay and for the room, the staff, the location, and the breakfast, we wouldn't hesitate in recommending it for anyone visiting Roma :)


  1. Sounds awesome! But I agree about the tiny portions of pretentious food. I'd rather have a cheaper meal w/ a decent portion.

    1. Us too - which is what we did on the Friday and Saturday :) x


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