Friday, March 30, 2018

Weekend break to Italy March 18 - Part 4

Last post on Rome as it was a short break:
Another yummy breakfast
Basilica Santa Maria del Popolo (strange emotional experience in there)
Fontani di Trevi - again! So Jeff could buy a pair of shoes
Campo de Fiori
The Pantheon
The Termini Bus Station - so I could buy a bag (which sounds exciting, except I bought one for work!)
Bus tour
Pizza at Caccagna again - this time without handsy drunk Englishmen :)
Pot of tea back at the hotel
Only 14000 steps
santa maria del popolo
1. Piazza del Popolo
2. Piazza Navone
3. Awesome ornament on outside of house
4. Campo de Fiori
5. Jeff just loved this weird little car :)
6. Poor Jeff, he's still recovering from paying 5 euros for a 4" high coffee!
7. Every time you turned a corner there would be something old/different/unusual - but this elephant was one of the more unusual!


  1. You really had an action packed weekend in Rome! Did you sleep??? lol

    1. Lol! Well you know how much I hate flying so was determined to visit as much as possible :) But we also booked the first flight out and the last flight back, so that helped :) xx


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