Monday, April 30, 2018

April 18 Round Up

Not yet slowed down!
Took part in the A-Z Blog Challenge
Panto meeting
Fosterling's birthday - cinema and all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant
Went to Cliveden to take part in a murder mystery treasure hunt but poor fosterling was ill within minutes of getting there :(
Met Jo at Stabucks for a catch up. When I chat to her I miss working with her at the doctors surgery - then I remember why I chose to leave!
Some foster care training sessions
We attended a memorial football match at Bracknell Town FC
Jeff went for his annual prostrate test ....... just a blood test in case you were crossing your legs ;)
Ella had an appointment at the National Epilepsy Society, I took a half day as we felt we needed to be there. Just as well we did, took 2 hours! But we learnt a lot
Ella has finally been started on iron supplements from the GP - bearing in mind it was apparently first picked up last summer that she was anaemic. More about that in another post.
Been talking to social care to see if we can get mum a stair gate. Since that last fall it's only a matter of time before she does herself serious injury. Interestingly, when I was going through the questionnaire with the department, it reminded me just how capable mum is - still driving, active social life, and makes her own home cooked meals
Robert and Jane were in Bracknell for a couple of days, so lovely to catch up with my little bruv and his family
Have been clearing out the garage - how did we collect so much crap! But on a positive it meant I could finally store shoes out there and my studio is nearly a studio again
Jeff has been decorating like mad, and it shows. I'll just keep adding jobs to the list until he notices it's not getting any shorter :)
Joy and I got together with Anna for a Sunday afternoon - it was work based, but still nice. And I finally baked again! It's been so long.
Had 2 people from the behaviour intensive support team visit
Have seen Ella a more this month than for a long time. We've provided her with a calendar and keeping the visits short but so far so good. We even stayed long enough for a cup of tea. Might sound like not much, but trust me, it's huge. She's still on edge and having behaviour issues, but it's nowhere near the meltdown she had at Christmas
Joe and Kerrie moved into their own home. No more renting - they've joined the mortgaged rest of us. Their house looks lovely, cannot wait to visit!
And numerous foster meetings
Date 'night' with the old man


  1. Well done Suzanne ... your recording of your Fostering journey made me think a lot - and have huge admiration for you both - cheers Hilary

  2. Never a dull moment! Do you ever sleep? lol


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