Monday, April 16, 2018

Fostering 'N' ..... A - Z Blog Challenge

As Jeff and I have been foster carers for 3 years this month it seemed the right time to have Fostering as a topic for the A-Z. We're still new enough that we're not jaded yet, but have had a pretty bumpy ride, so fairly realistic in what fostering is really about.

Further information at The Fostering Network

Names - as in the children's names, see Changing a Child's Name
The Fostering Network - As they explain themselves, they are the UK's leading fostering charity. We belong through the local borough and I've often found their website useful. We also receive a quarterly magazine from them, and they penned the #proudtofoster which I think I use more than they do LOL!
Numbers - as in statistics: The picture shows information from the Fostering Network. The number of foster carers needed is scary. And the general feeling is it will get worse, but I cannot find the article I read. It was to do with less women staying at home, children living with their families longer, houses being smaller, and a lot of the fostering population is middle-aged and over so 'natural wastage' will occur. The councils seem to throw a lot of money at advertising without making a huge difference.


  1. Is it wise to change a child's name if you are fostering? … I could see that with adopting, but there is always the chance the child will be adopted by another family right? Or maybe I don't totally understand the fostering industry, not having fostered myself. I can't even imagine growing attached to a child and then having to give that child up! Or for the child to be moved between so many different adults. It's heartbreaking. And yet being able to foster a child is absolutely beautiful at the same time.

    Good for you and your husband for fostering your little girl. Foster parents are always a fantastic reminder of how much love there is in the world! :)

  2. Thank you for dropping by my blog, Suzanne, and noting down your comments.
    Glad to know your involvement in fostering. And extremely noble act. It is challenging, but I am sure you will figure it out.
    (By the way, my next post --


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