Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fostering 'S' ..... A - Z Blog Challenge

As Jeff and I have been foster carers for 3 years this month it seemed the right time to have Fostering as a topic for the A-Z. We're still new enough that we're not jaded yet, but have had a pretty bumpy ride, so fairly realistic in what fostering is really about.

Further information at The Fostering Network

Safe Care - This has to become second nature. It can include agreements on locking the bathroom door, always knocking on a bedroom door, and not walking around the house naked! We also insist that if the foster children are playing upstairs that bedroom doors are left open. Each child is unique so you have to may have to have specific extra safe care arrangements.
Skills to Foster - This is the initial course that helps explain the realities of being a foster carer.
Special Guardianship Order - This is a court agreement if family are involved in the care of relations.
Savings - If a child becomes a longer placement it is good to show the child how to save and set up a savings account. This sometimes can be difficult if you have no access to a child's birth certificate as proof of who the account is being set up for - another reason to get that passport application going as soon as possible.
Smoking - Simply no smoking in the house.
Social Worker - Each child/sibling group will have a social worker to ensure their needs are being met.
Supervising Social Worker -You will also have your own Social Worker to help you through the ups and downs of fostering.
Supervised Access - Contact is encouraged as much as possible and you usually have to take the child to an agreed meeting place, where there will be an escort - this is not your job!
Staying Put - In the past as soon as a child reached 18 they had to leave their foster carers. However there is now the Staying Put opportunity if it is in the best interests of the child.


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