Friday, April 27, 2018

Fostering 'X' ..... A - Z Blog Challenge

As Jeff and I have been foster carers for 3 years this month it seemed the right time to have Fostering as a topic for the A-Z. We're still new enough that we're not jaded yet, but have had a pretty bumpy ride, so fairly realistic in what fostering is really about.

Further information at The Fostering Network

eXtreme Behaviour - Be prepared for anything. Don't think that fostering lurches from one incident to the next, but it could. We have had children that have stayed without incident. We have had children wet their bed for months. Or be brought home regularly by the police. Or try and grow cannabis in their bedroom. My best friend once said to me she doesn't know how we do it. I suppose for us we didn't have an easy parenthood - SEN, adoption, ADHD, cannabis, prison. So for us, we've been there and done that. And we know our limitations, behaviour that we cannot understand / support. It's different for all foster carers, we all have different things that press our buttons. And you might be surprised at how much you can cope with when you're invested in a child.
Xenophobia - Is a fear and distrust of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange, a prejudice / dislike against people from other countries. As a foster carer you can be asked to care for local children with a different ethnic background, or children coming from abroad, such as asylum seekers and refugees. If you have a strong opinion regarding others then you would need to seriously consider your personal values against the requirements of foster carer.


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