Thursday, May 31, 2018

May 18 Round Up

I give up saying the next month will be quieter!

May 1st - I went to CMI in London as a guest speaker to about 50 universities and private training providers!

May 3rd-5th - Trip to Liverpool

May 5th- 7th - Attended my first blogging conference with my soul-sister

May 11th - Went with Jeff and teen fosterling to see The 39 Steps, by the Quince Players - So impressed with the cast, the sets, the props. Just brilliant

May 18th - Went to Ella's second planning live meeting. Heart. Breaking.

May 20th - Jeff and me did a Colour Run! Was on my bucket list and mostly enjoyed it - couldn't go on all the obstacles thanks to my foot :( But enough to enjoy it.

As Prod Asst for the panto we've had a meeting, a read/sing through and I ended up typing up the script when the PDF corrupted - now that's dedication!

Loads of fostering related appointments / meetings / children


  1. I keep waiting for life to slow down but alas......

    1. I suppose at least we can say we are living life to the full :)


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