Sunday, June 03, 2018

My First Baby Annabell Review

Regular readers know I don't do many reviews, as my blog is about life, fostering, SEN, adoption, etc. But toys, well, pretty much a perfect fit :)

So we were sent this lovely My First Baby Annabell, isn't she adorable?

At 36cms she's smaller than the Baby Annabell but very soft and squidgy. She comes with a cute babygrow, hat and bottle. She's very reasonably priced at around £15:00. And there's some lovely matching outfits if you're tempted :)

Onto the fun facts! We have a little 3 year old visit weekly, and she was so excited to be the first person to play with this doll. A lot of dressing, undressing and feeding followed. She quickly realised that My First Baby Annabell closed her eyes when she laid down, so a lot of waking and sleeping and laughter  happened in quick succession.

Cool fact! When I was taking this photograph my phone 'recognised' the face on the baby - how lifelike is that??

As a nursery nurse I was impressed with how many areas of development this doll encouraged - emotional (cuddling), language (talking to baby), intellectual (need to sleep and eat), social (playing together) and physical (fine motor skills dressing and undressing). One simple activity stimulating so many areas of development :)

I think something I want to include is that these dolls aren't just for little ones.
* Our Ella, with her complex special needs, loves her own Baby Annabell she has had for about ten years - and the clothes - and the wardrobe - and all the accessories!
* We had a 16 year fosterling come to stay for a while last year and she had a baby doll that meant a lot to her. Unfortunately she had misplaced it, so 8:30pm on her first night Jeff and Joshua were driving round the supermarkets hunting for a Baby Annabell - thankfully they found one!

So, in a nutshell, excellent value, for more than just young children - and educational with it!


  1. Baby dolls were like that in the 60s and 70s but then everything changed and cabbage patch kids took over the market, and then American Girl.

    1. I never got my head around Cabbage Patch dolls, that's not how babies look, well maybe they do for the first few days :) x


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