Sunday, May 12, 2019


Bank Holiday weekend Jeff and I had a break. Part of the trip was for me to be able to attend a blogging conference. And part of the reason to attend the conference was so that I could catch up with my soul-sister Debbie. Anyhow, that's all for another post.

But one of the biggest impacts of the day was Podcasts. I must admit I listen to some now and then, but had never thought about podcasting myself. The fella doing the talk was inspiring, the hour just flew past. He made it interesting, fun and I could have listened to him for another hour. I started the hour knowing nothing and left energised with all the knowledge I need to get started. In the afternoon I had the opportunity to practice and see if it was something I felt I could comfortably do. Well, seeing as I like talking and sharing it was a given really. You can, if you want, hear it here, Blog on Conference 2019, I'm last LOL!

I like to blog and use IG as a way of sharing our life but have never been interested in a facebook page, twitter, etc.

By the end of the day though I was a convert. I just think with everything that I have been through in relation to ADHD, Ella's too-numerous-to-mention needs, and fostering, that I could offer support, advice, and some much needed humour. Plus, of course, as mentioned earlier, I like to talk so that's always a good thing :)

Quite when I can start is another thing, although the workshop pointed out you need to get on and do it, so I'm targeting the end of May - watch this space!

And if you want to know more, you can find Tom and his business at Digital Marketing Punk .
Saturday, May 11, 2019

Foster Care Fortnight

As foster care fortnight starts Monday, today seems a good day to write a blog post on fostering. You can read all about it on The Foster Network website here.

In a nutshell this is what they say:
Foster Care Fortnight™ is The Fostering Network's annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering and to show how foster care transforms lives. It is also the UK's biggest foster carer recruitment campaign. Over 8,000 new foster families are needed in the next 12 months alone to care for a range of children, with the greatest need being for foster carers for older children, sibling groups and disabled children. Foster Care Fortnight 2019 will take place from 13 to 26 May.
We are still fostering, four years last month.

During my blog break we said goodbye to a lad that had been with us over a year, as he was moving into long term care. We caught up with him a few months later at an event, and he came straight over and gave me a great big hug. That's one of the things that make fostering worthwhile. We had a similar response from a little one that had left us 2 years ago.  And in fact we had a little one move on from us at 21 months. A year later we met up with her. She pointed to Jeff's sleeve and said 'cat'. She remembered he has a tattoo under his sleeve. It makes you realise how much children, no matter how young their are, remember their early life experiences.

We then had a couple of months without a permanent placement, although covered a bit of respite for other foster carers. And now we have permanent placements again for a while.
Tuesday, May 07, 2019

25 years!

We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in April. I know, right? It doesn't seem like 5 years since we had the huge celebrations blogged about here.

This time was a 'bit' quieter. Who am I kidding, it was massively quieter. We went to lunch with mum, Aunty Jean and Uncle John. In the evening Jeff and I went to the cinema. There was nothing that really grabbed me, but thought we ought to do something, and so watched Fisherman's Friend - and actually, really good film :) But back to the difference in celebrations, as long as we keep getting to celebrate them then I don't really care what we do :)