A Lisfranc Journey

I have decided to write a diary on the impact a 'simple' injury has had on my life........

Friday 5th July 2013
I was at SMC helping to set out the hall for a LSA’s leaving party. The temporary staging was up as it was the end of term and Year 6 were performing their leavers show. I stepped onto and off the stage several times from a side step. The last time though I used the front step which I assumed was as secure as the other but the step gave way causing me to twist my left foot and get it stuck. It appeared that the step had not been utilised as part of the built stage and put away, but rather left out.
I have a large bruise on my rear where I landed, as well as bruises on lower back of calf and top half of shin - which I think if tried would line up perfectly with the step.
The next few hours are a bit of a blur but I remember H (a Governor and Chair of the H & S Committee) being in the hall and coming over immediately and cradling my foot. The first aider Carol arrived quickly and stayed with me. I also remember attempting to move so I could get a lift to the hospital but was in too much pain.
So the school called an ambulance and the paramedics gave me some Entonox and took me to Frimley A&E. Four X-rays were taken and I was discharged on the same evening diagnosed with a severe sprain, tubigrip and crutches. I was advised not to put weight on it for a few days. I remember saying to the nurse I couldn’t believe I could be in so much pain and not broken something.
Didn’t get to the retirement event I had spent weeks organising.
Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th
I kept my foot elevated all weekend as instructed and took the painkillers prescribed by the hospital. Couldn't attend a craft fair I had booked for the Sunday.
Monday 8th
I was contacted Monday night to say that on reviewing the x-rays (a practice that is apparently carried out on all x-rays) I had fractured it and could I return for plastering (which made more sense as I was in so much pain!) H popped round with some beautiful flowers from governors :) And Ariane visited and spoiled me with a puzzle book, craft mag and some potted herbs - she knows me so well :)
Tuesday 9th
When I returned I was advised that I actually had a Lisfranc injury. I said to the A&E doctor “Well, I can guess if it’s got it’s own name that’s not a good thing!" Turns out I was right. I had ripped the ligament between my first and second metatarsal (4.5mm - anything over 2mm is considered serious), dislocated 2nd through to the 5th, broke 4 small bones, and there was loose chips and debris. I was admitted, put in a back slab plaster and had a CT scan to check for further damage not visible on an x-ray. I had to remain on complete bed rest to allow swelling to reduce. I was told I would be seeing the foot specialist on Thursday. I had to use a lift to go to the CT area, which was stressful as I have been claustrophobic since a child.

That gap between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal? Shouldn't be there!That's the Lisfranc. 2nd to 5th all needed pulling back. Happens to less than 1in 55,000 - would happen to me! This isn't my x-ray, but gives you an idea
Wednesday 10th
I remained on bed rest so that the swelling would go down in order for an operation to take place the next day. The CT scan thankfully showed no further damage. Overnight I started Fragmin injections to help prevent a DVT. I refused it initially. That is until the nurse - nicknamed Dracula - asked if I'd rather have a blood clot! So, daily injections, great.  I was advised that our planned holiday to Italy the following Monday would have to be cancelled. Very tearful, been Googling this injury - I should really step away from the internet. Worrying about the GA. Sandra and Jeanette visited to try and cheer me up. 
Thursday 11th
I was supposed to have an ORIF (Open Reduction Internal Fixation) but Mr Gougoulias said a Fusion might be necessary once he'd opened me up.The GA gave me a lot of stress but the anaesthetist was very reassuring. Spent most of the day dozing, due to the extreme pain I was in for the first hour and subsequent morphine doses to ease the pain!
Friday 12th
Mr Gougoulias, my surgeon, advised me that the operation had been successful, although he did have to fuse the fractures together which he had mentioned as a possibility. So I am in a non weight bearing in a cast for a minimum of 6 weeks. Then weight bearing in a cast for at least a  further 6 weeks. Assuming no wound infections, or further complications, then following physio I will hopefully be back to full power in about 9 - 12 months! Unless the screws cause any problems I’m going to be setting off those airport metal detectors for life! Which isn’t a big deal as I don’t fly if I can help it!
Leave the hospital via another lift - great for a claustrophobic person that chooses to walk 6 flights of stairs than take a lift.
Got home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers from SMC. 
xray of lisfranc repair by fusion and this one is my own x-ray
Saturday 13th
Jeff gave me my first DVT injection at home - created quite a nasty bruise.
Sunday 14th
Remain in pain.
Hit me today no swimming or exercising for quite a while which is a real bummer. I’ve lost a stone so far this year, had got up to 36 lengths in the pool and was building up to a mile each time. Then in September Anna and I were going to join a gym. Disappointed as I was aiming on losing 3-4 stone before next May for our wedding vow renewal celebrations and can’t see that happening now - although I am eating less and using the crutches feel like a workout! I'm glad I'm using crutches compared to the scooter that's also popular, but hell is my right hand hurting.
Monday 15th
Pain. Bored.
Phone call from Ella’s school in the morning. Jeff’s at work and I can’t drive! Anna kindly went to Maidenhead and collected her for me. Beginning to realise just how much this is going to impact on our lives.
Tuesday 16th
Job Seekers Allowance is becoming a nightmare. Have had a letter saying I’m eligible from 24th June. However I was supposed to sign on on the 10th July - last Wednesday when I was in hospital. So Jeff went and explained. Was advised need sick note and phone JSA to claim for ESA. So, I phone helpline to be told that info is incorrect and I can use the sick note to remain on JSA for now. Jeff goes back to Job Centre with the sick note to be advised that we’ve been told wrong on the phone and they’re right! For goodness sake, do they think we have nothing better to do than go backwards and forwards to the Job Centre, and hang around on the phone for hours on end!
Wednesday 17th
Very low day. Stopped Ariane in the afternoon and Joy in the evening visiting, really didn’t feel like company. My pity party was compounded by Ella having a meltdown at school after school. Refused to get on school transport. Same problem, Jeff’s working and I can’t drive. Ella’s SW was no help. At one time I was almost hysterical worrying about how on earth she was going to get home from school. School transport sorted her out but I worry about how we are going to cope with Jeff on shifts and a child with SN when the furthest I can move is to the toilet! Poor Jeff at the moment - running around after Ella, looking after the house, working full-time shifts, visits to the hospital, injecting me, forfeiting our holiday to Italy and basically being Superman!
Thursday 18th
Bruise from Jeff’s first Fragmin is really sore, making it difficult to sit. Heat is murder. Heat is swelling my foot during the day. Me not amused.
Visit from Anna, brought me a couple of storage boxes with a Tim Holtz feeling :) And a waterproof bag to cover my leg! Yay! 
Thinking about Ella's meltdown yesterday and I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised. She sees me carted off in an ambulance. Then Tuesday she goes to school and everything is normal. Comes home to find I'm not here. She needs routine and can't cope with not being in control.
Friday 19th
A shower! Finally! First one in nearly 2 weeks. Fashioned with an uncomfortable chair, leg rest, bag for the plaster, courtesy of Anna, and a very helpful Jeff. I have had to advise all the agencies looking for work for me that I am unable to attend interviews for at least 6 weeks.
And I am going stir crazy.
Saturday 20th
Two weeks of not sleeping due to the discomfort has caught up with me today, I have slept on and off all day. Hopefully I will feel a little less down. I keep looking around the house and getting upset over the state of it, I don’t like not being able to keep it clean and presentable. I don't like feeling incapable. And I hate feeling bored! Visits from Joy and Liz.
Sunday 21st
Have written a letter of complaint to SS today. I really don’t need this, should be using my energy to heal this Lisfranc, not fighting with JSA and SS.
Dad offered the use of his air conditioner if we need it to help against the heat making my foot swell. We might have to take him up on the offer, but it’s an 80 mile trip each way, which is petrol we can hardly afford. Jeff has spent a few hours traipsing the shops for fans but they’re all out - unless we want to spend a few hundred on a fancy Dyson one!
Need to decide about making a claim for compensation against the school. Talk about difficult, from a H&S stand point, that step should have been removed from the area, but I’ve been involved with the school for over 20 years and it feels uncomfortable. But then I think about the upcoming months and what I’ve already been through .... And I know governors did ask for it to be taken down for the party, but the school wanted it kept up.And that step should not have been left unused but not safely put away.
Tuesday 23rd
Yesterday was difficult. Let me just say crutches and a poorly stomach do not a good match make! 
Have tried to reduce the painkillers. For the norm I do not take painkillers - preferring natural therapies, there's a reason I use Reiki and other healing treatments. So filling my body with chemicals is not something I like to do - but the pain feels differently about it LOL
Jeff just accidentally touched the tip of my toes today - OMG! Put it like this, Joshua was upstairs and heard me scream!  
Wednesday 24th
Mostly good today. Went for my 2 week post op check up for my Lisfranc and the wound is healing really nice .......gruesome photo alert in a min! Turns out the stitches are dissolve-able so that was a bonus. Downside is it is hurting the most for days, because of all the moving and manipulating into position. Still NWB, which I knew, for another 4 weeks when I go back. Gave me an 8 week sick note as Dr G said there's no way I will be able to get straight back to normal - will need physio first.
Lisfranc repair 2 weeks post operation
Monday 29th
Before I saw Mr G last Wednesday I would get a tight pulling sensation. I assumed it was the stitches pulling on the wound sites. However when the plaster cast was removed the wounds had initially leaked a bit and the dressings had dried onto the wounds. Well since the nurse fixed that I haven't had any problems in the evening, so that's good.
He also agreed I could go to France to visit my brother, which will be lovely, doesn't quite make up for not being able to go home to Italy though - it's been 7 years since we've been and we were all looking forward to it so much.
Still getting frustrated. I have been doing some paperwork to ease the boredom but it's not easy and I get uncomfortable quite quickly.
Fragmin finished- don't miss those - gross out alert, couple of photos of that Fragmin bruise at the end of the post.
Mr G also put me in a walking boot as it's safer for traveling but I had to promise on pain of death not to weight bear until I have been back to the clinic for my follow up appointment and x-rays. The good thing is I am able to take it off twice a day, move my ankle and toes and massage my leg with moisturiser. It's pretty amazing how much it's atrophied in only 3 weeks. And dry skin! I had read on forums how bad that could be, trust me, it's true! TMI?  Jeff has also bought me some calcium and Vitamin E tablets as they are supposed to promote bone growth. And obviously I've been doing Reiki on my foot. I have read so much about the long term prognosis not being brilliant that I want to do everything I can to help the healing process, but not push too much too soon and end up doing more harm than good. I am worried about my future career. I was just getting back into the employment market after a six month sabbatical. Most of what I read seems to be that even if you have a good recovery extended periods of standing and walking will cause discomfort. For the past 25 years I have been a day nursery manager, children's shop manager and a childcare tutor. Hmmm, all positions that involve exactly that .......
Anna has recommended Bio-oil for my scar to help with scar tissue so will check that out when I next see Mr. G.
Still have the odd pity-party, but doesn't last long when you live with my lot! Wallowing is not in their dictionary! I also had to cancel my role as PA for the Director of the next QP panto, Wind in the Willows. We'd already had a few meetings and I was really excited, it's going to be fab. But the auditions are the end of September and I'm in a cast till at least the middle of October. And it's not like I'll have the cast off one day and be fully functional the next. Flaming injury.
Also, my annual respite to Center Parcs is in doubt. And yes, it really is respite, it's the only break I get from being Ella's carer. But CP at Longleat is all hills, so not easy to get around. Plus will still have cast on, so no swimming, using the spa, hot tub, etc. Sigh. There's always wine and chocolate I suppose I could indulge in while everyone else is having fun.
Sunday 11th August
It's now 5.5 weeks post Lisfranc injury and 4.5 weeks since the op. One of the over-riding pieces of advice I found all over the big world wide web was that keeping the foot elevated makes a big difference. I have been super-good at sitting with my leg in the air. But I have noticed if, like first thing in the morning, I leave it down for a few minutes the difference is huge. So photo at the end shows that the scars are healing nicely, the swelling is reducing, and boy, does it change colour!
Continuing with ankle exercises AM and PM, and swinging leg from knee regularly during the day to strengthen and keep a DVT at bay. Using the crutches more everyday, although I worry about falling and damaging my foot, and pain is continuing on my wrist. I assume that fear will go the longer the distance between my op and the present. Mixed feelings about the hols. Good to get some sun and see my little bruv. Not so much fun seeing everyone swimming, playing table-tennis, visiting local medieval villages (not exactly built centuries ago for wheelchairs!). And poor Jeff says he's looking forward to going back to work for a rest as he's having to take care of both me and Ella.
My foot was swollen last week - I think the temp hitting 35 didn't help in that respect.
My toes feel like they've been permanently rammed inside those toe dividers you use when you paint your nails. They also feel like someone's pulled a bit of wire around the base of the little piggy who went to market and the little piggy who stayed at home. And the whole thing just generally feels uncomfortable.
I still have 4 more weeks NWB.
When I can WB I've got the pleasure of looking forward to the sensation of walking on bits of lego that are on fire.
I probably shan't be driving till 2014.
I can't work for ages which impacts financially and emotionally - have worked up till the boys dropped. I reckon I've had no more than a year off in 32 years - including having the boys and adopting Ella.
I may develop arthritis where my broken bones had to be fused together.
I may need another scheduled operation at some point to remove the screws, assuming that they don't break first.
I may never walk without a limp.
I may not be able to walk/stand for extended periods which will affect the work I've done for the past 25 years.
I may always have some pain.
A couple of toes are still numb in parts.
I will need to try and find a physio that is actually a foot specialist because it's such a  rare injury.
And I am most definitely fed up!
Cross with school the longer I get into this injury, they should have removed the stage before the party as requested. And when they refused they should have ensured any pieces not been used were removed, not left in situ. I am seriously wondering whether I can continue to be governor, after 13 years service, I feel so angry about the whole thing.
Poor Jeff has spent the entire holiday running around after me and Ella.
Chatting to SIL today. We had all planned to go to Italy together, so they were also disappointed as it's been ten years since they've been. 
Ashton asked if I had cried at all when I did it. I didn't - did swear a bit mind! And apart from being a bit  tearful the night before the op I haven't. Maybe a good old fashioned wail is what I need!
Next hospital appointment not till 6th Sept - 8 weeks post op so that's a bummer. Need to ask about screws, Dr G said they could stay in, but most people have them removed, and if that's got to happen would rather be sooner than later.
ESA managed to lose my 8 week cert! And yes, def, cos we sent the 2 wk one and the 8 wk one in the same envelope and they acknowledge one but not the other. Chocolate teapot comes to mind. So now have to chase Frimley for anther one when we get back and hope that the ESA will be back dated. So no money for 6 weeks now.
Also realised that I probably won't be driving again till the New Year :(
So, in a nutshell, after 5 weeks post accident the injury seems to be healing well (to a novice anyway). But the bigger picture of all the knock-ons is beginning to make me a bit fed up.
Next post at 8 weeks post op and I promise to be more positive - unless the repeat x-rays aren't positive, then be prepared for more pity party!

Friday 23rd August
Long information post on my Daily Waffle Page :) But I've shared it here too ......
As Lisfranc fractures are in the NFL media at the moment I thought I would share what I know. My diary page goes into more personal detail on how I've been feeling, but this post is more informative.
  • Lisfranc injuries happen to less than 1 in 55,000 breaks! Less than 1% of total breaks worldwide!
  • A LF injury is, simply put, when the metatarsals move, fracture, dislocate or a tear occurs in the ligament between the first and second MT. You can read much more about the ins and outs of the foot, but that's about it! But let's not under-estimate it, it's probably the worst foot injury you can have next to sticking your foot in a lawn mower!
  • Most people will not 'get it' - they assume it's 'just a broken bone' but actually it means you've screwed up your walking mechanism! The middle of your foot carries all your weight when you stand, walk, jog, run.
  • There are long term implications (further down the bullets) which are generally related to (a) how quickly you're diagnosed (b) how severe the damage is and (c) your age - so not good news for me personally.
  • It's fricking painful! Right up there with childbirth!
  • They're hard to spot on x-rays and approx 20% are not diagnosed immediately. I was caught 4 days post x-ray, but some LF'ers have gone much longer.
  • If you're lucky you might only slightly displace just one, or tear the ligament less than 2mm, which involves Non Weight Bearing (NWB) and gently rehabilitation.
  • More serious injuries involve more than a slight move. I managed to move from my little piggy that stayed at home right through to the one that cried wee wee wee all the way home! And break 4 of the smaller bones. And tear the ligament over 4mm.
  • So an operation becomes essential, usually an ORIF (Open Reduction Internal Fixation) and possibly a fusion. Let's hope you're not as nervous of anaesthetics as I am!
  • Now, depending on the severity, and your own surgeon, how they repair it varies. I have 3 screws and 3 scars. Other LF sufferers have wires, plates, screws that need removing, screws that don't. Go figure.
  • To prevent DVT's you will need to give yourself a daily Fragmin injection for anything up to 4 weeks depending on your health service. But be careful or you end up with some nasty bruises.
  • A plaster cast seems the norm for the first 2 weeks while you pray every day that a wound infection isn't developing under the cast. Then you may, or may not, need stitches out depending on your surgeon.
  • Trying to look after a child with SN when you're immobile and your husband works shifts is an interesting experience. And forget about housework, work, even showering involves imagination!
  • Being forced into lifts/elevators at the hospital when you're claustrophobic is one of the complications you might not consider. Likewise using crutches whilst NBW up 4 flights of a ferry is one for building arm muscles!
  • NWB follows for 6 - 8 weeks, followed by PWB for another 6 weeks, then intensive physio. Make sure your physio is very knowledgeable about your injury!
  • Depending on your health service you may get crutches - kneewalkers - another plaster cast- or a walking boot,
  • You may continue to suffer a lot of pain.
  • Your foot probably will swell most days for many months - that's when you're grateful your doc put you in a walking boot, not a cast!
  • Your foot will continue to go purple for months and months.
  • Your leg will atrophy - I've lost an inch around my leg in only 6 weeks.
  • Your skin will dry so much it's pretty revolting!
  • A second operation may be needed to remove the hardware.
  • I imagine with any break frustration boredom and depression sets in and LF sufferers are no different.
  • You forget what a good nights sleep is like - it's either the pain in the early days, or a plaster cast and cramp. In the last 7 weeks if I've woken up only 3 times I've had a good night :(
  • This one might be TMI - but trust me, you don't want a stomach bug while you're on crutches!
  • It might mess up holiday plans for you and your family, events that mean walking or driving, generally any plans you've made.
  • Once you start FWB you realise that an automatic car would be better! I think it will be at least 6 months from the injury to when I will be able to drive, and I think that's being optimistic.
  • My toes feel like they're rammed between the nail polish toe dividers, whilst at the same time having individual links of wire wrapped round the base of each toe.
  • When I start walking apparently it will probably be like walking on lego pieces that are on fire!
  • There is an 80% chance I will develop arthritis in later life.
  • At some point in the future if the hardwear breaks I will need another operation.
  • What the doctors consider normal recovery and what you might are probably going to be two different things!
  • There may always be some pain - I may have a limp - walking/standing for extended periods of time could be uncomfortable - the nerves may never return to all my toes ( a couple are still numb) - I may have to consider my future career as tutoring and nursery work involves hours of standing.
  • Not working is causing financial implications.
If you're a facebook fan there's a Lisfranc support page -well worth a visit :)
 But don't forget that's the worst scenario! Look after your injury, don't rush healing and keep that foot elevated!
Monday 26th August
Decorated the boot - well, if you knew me you would know that I had to LOL!
Tuesday 17th September
It's now 11.5 weeks post injury and 10.5 weeks since the op. The positives first ...... Saw the doc last week and apparently the repeat x-rays look good. So have started PWB which has taken the edge off of the work out with the crutches ...... Ummm, that's about it!
Those fed up with the negative look away now! The negatives, as well as all the whinging above this post ...... My foot flaming hurts after PWB, swells up and feels all constricted, back to the painkillers (doc did advise that could happen) ..... the sudden sharp pains I get is perfectly normal (oh, that's alright then!) ........ Still no driving, well I knew that would happen, impossible to drive a manual with a gammy left foot ...... I can attempt swimming - if I can work out how to get from the changing room and into the pool! ....... Still totally reliant on lifts which is no fun ..... ESA have advised that I didn't earn enough to claim ESA - although I did for JSA, so no income.
I've been looking for work but find I keep thinking about travelling, standing etc, so really limiting what I can apply for.
Have not booked any fairs this side of Christmas - no car and impossible to move all the stock, so even that won't be bringing in any revenue.
I am pretty low, trying to keep that black dog at bay.
I get so tired - seriously, even now so many weeks after the injury. I'll hobble and do a couple of easy jobs around the house and then I'm exhausted!
Not sleeping. I mean like waking up constantly throughout the night, 11.5 weeks of not sleeping! When Ben was born he had me up every night for the first 10 months of his life - but I was 30 then, not 50!
House is a tip - I hate, hate, hate how untidy and grubby it is.
And on that cheerful note I'm signing off x

Friday 11th October
It's now 4 weeks since I started partial weight bearing and 14 weeks since my injury.

So how am I doing? Well, better than the last couple of posts, there's still lots of issues that are going to be hanging around for a while.
Let's do the positives first ......
I am getting to grips with the crutches. I need two if I go out but can manage with one if it's getting about the house.
And getting out is bliss! But tiring. So I am appreciating the little things that we all take for granted. Like shopping. And baking.And carrying a cup of tea from the kitchen to the front room! Relish those little things, you don't appreciate how important they are.
The scars look good to the amateur (yes,me!)
I managed to get in the hot tub!
Now onto the negatives!
The frustration of others attitudes. My favourite is 'Oh, you're still in the cast?' I have to bite my tongue when what I really want to say is "Oh, I don't need it, I just think it's eye-catching and makes for a good sympathy vote!" I mean, FFS, who would choose to still be hopping around after 14 weeks?!
Really bad blisters on my hands which are just beginning to heal - photo shows healing :) Still getting those electric shocks - which I know means the nerves are healing - but doesn't mean I don't jump through my skin when it happens!
Tiredness. I find I can do one task, but that's it. I cancelled a teaching interview this week as I know I couldn't cope yet. And temping at nurseries is still months away. I looked at a part-time job which was butt-based but as Jeff pointed out how the hell would I get there? Not as if I can go out tomorrow and buy an automatic! Although I think in the long term that's what I shall be driving.
Still not driving, so having to rely on others - I hate being reliant on anybody!
Burnt my arm on the oven as I bent down to get something out and temporarily forgot that my ankle doesn't bend at the moment!
Still not slept right through since the accident - yawn!
So that burn meant no sauna as it would heat my skin and anyone that's had a burn will tell you heating a burn means it feels like it's burning all over again. And no steam room as I needed the blister to dry. Even in the hot tub I had to keep it above water, looked like I was in a permanent state of 'please sir'! Going away with a nurse and a paramedic sure took some of the fun out of the weekend LOL!
My hand isn't actually that red, think that's the photo! But you get the picture
Day after the burn
Healing slowly - if you look close you can see the healing from the micropore allergy *rolls eyes* My choices were leave it uncovered at night and knock the blister, or cover it and suffer my micropore allergy. I chose the later - decided Sudocreme for a rash was better than an infected burn!
So I suppose I am feeling better in myself on a day to day basis, but unsure of what the future is going to hold! 

Thursday 21st November
It's now 20 weeks post Lisfranc injury and 19 weeks since the op. It's probably easy to follow the format above.
So, the positives first ......
Last x-ray looked good and Mr G said I could start walking normally!
Also that he's happy for me to drive as soon as I feel confident I could do an emergency stop - seems like quite a good measure :)
I have been straight down to the pool and am back up to 32 lengths (half a mile).
My scars are looking good - pretty impressive considering what they initially looked like! I mean, you can't miss them, but they're neat.
It is lovely to be able to walk again, only pavements mind, uneven terrain is pretty difficult.
The no-so-positives ......
My foot still hurts every single day, some days just uncomfortable, but others, like yesterday, worse to the point I have to put my boot back on to rest my foot.
I can't drive. I felt ready today, but forcing pressure on the clutch - no way! So that sucks big time :(
I've had to purchase 2 pairs of shoes I would never choose to wear at a cost of £55.00 - when I'm not working that's a lot of money. Plus, of course, money aside, I have to be seen out in them! Someone on the LF facebook page said it is karma for all the cruel things I have said about them LOL!
I can't get to see Joseph when he needs me, because I can't drive, which as a Mum I hate.
Did I mention I still get pain every day?
I've got tendonitis in my right wrist thanks to the crutches whilst I was NWB.
Mr G mentioned the possibility of a further operation at some point.
And maybe a cortisone injection - which I am in no hurry to have. I still have very fresh memories of the numbing injection in my foot when I broke my toe!
Still haven't had a complete nights sleep.
Have not been referred to physio and FPH has not got back to me about it.
In conclusion I am so very grateful that I am able to move more freely and walk, but still think in the healing process I have a hell of a long way to go.

Friday 24th January 2014
I used to be called Twinkle Toes at school

Now I think I would be known as

 Seven months ago I could do these ....

Okay, so I wasn't doing any of them, but I could have if I had wanted! Then I did this

I know, I know, it's Renee Zellweger not me, but spot the foot doing a twist?

A picture is worth a thousand words! That's why it's taking so long to heal. If you consider every other step my foot is operating as a shock absorber for dispersing the force of my body then you'll get why healing takes so long and works to it's own timetable, not the standard bone healing rates.
Now instead of wearing these

I have to wear these :(
 Because of this, like I say, Bigfoot!

But if I'm honest, the thought of ever wearing heels like this again

Makes me want to throw up! This is my normal foot when stretching my toes

And this is Bigfoot - isn't it freaky?! And no, it never used to do that!
But doesn't the scare look amazing? I love my ortho surgeon :)

Okay, how about a serious update? 28 weeks since my foot injury:
I still have a scar where I burnt myself
My tendonitis is not getting any better, I keep giving it one more week!
Physiotherapy is awesome! She has got me to the point now where I can completely bend my toes - I know, doesn't sound like much - but try and do anything with toes that don't bend - not easy! My calf muscle was also very tight. She explained that the good leg calf muscle was tight through less use and measured it at 9 and my bad leg was only 4.5! But in only 3 weeks of exercising it's gone up to 7 :)
Back to swimming, yay!
Driving some local distances.
Still not sleeping
Weird to be pleased about doing housework right? lol!
Found my limitation on my feet atm is 3 hours - Joshua's party - spent 2 days recovering.

Two months since my last Lisfranc post and what a difference. I still get daily discomfort, but not pain. Don't get me wrong I still get pain, just not all day every day. Like when I knelt down in Church for the first time since July - the pain was so bad I honestly thought I'd done it some serious damage! Frustrating to still be struggling but I have to remind myself it wasn't exactly a minor break. Doesn't make it any less frustrating
Sunday 16th March
My new fashion accessory for the next 6 weeks! My GP and me are hoping conservative treatment will prevent the need for surgery, a brace and physio. Hoping the brace will help me sleep better! Would you believe it looks like it's not tendinitis from using the crutches, but rather from when I put my hands out as a saving reflex when I injured my foot! Attending physio classes for that too at the moment, they really put me through my paces - excuse the intentional pun! Also saw an independent medical doctor re my foot - the claim is just limping along ..... like my foot ;) Smiling, but actually feeling a bit down about it all at the moment.
Friday 13th June
It's nearly a year since my injury and operation and this will probably be my last post for a while. Unless things change then there's not a great point in going over the same depressing ground. This photo I took yesterday. Still swells and is painful most days. So driving any distance or during rush hours is still an issue.Mr G has hinted at possibly 2 more operations. I'm waiting for a referral for my wrist, looks like it was an injury caused by my saving reflex at the same time I injured my foot. Doctor has suggested that may need an op too. No money as I can't find work. Teaching jobs few and far between. Nursery Nursing is a complete no-no at the moment between the limitations on my foot and hand. Have been shortlisted for several office management based jobs, but in the current climate can't quite nail down the job! Plus, how I could manage using my hand for hours every day? As we had already paid a £1,000 deposit for our celebrations before the injury, as I had planned to be working, we decided to go ahead with the weekend, but had to borrow money off my mum and one of our boys at the last minute.
And I hate not working - scroll up and you can see I've worked nearly all my working career, with Jeff even being the carer for the kids for 4 years while I worked. So being not able to work is pretty frustrating. Again, this photo I took yesterday, 9 months after that burn and there's still a sizable scar.
I resigned as Governor because I knew that I would be in a difficult position with having to fight the school's 'evidence'. That has caused me a lot of personal pain, I've been actively involved with the school for over 25 years, and now I feel so disappointed. And sad, as I don't feel I can visit any more or support them, plus apparently they're not allowed to talk to me - what's that about! That's all been tough.
So, in a nutshell, can't believe how much this injury has altered my life, and mostly not in a good way. Don't get me wrong, I get that it is just a hand and a foot, and that there are a zillion people suffering worse.But it was an unnecessary accident that shouldn't have happened and I think that's partly why it gets me down. Plus, I'm writing this after a bad day, I am normally very much a cup-half-full kinda person :)

Saturday 5th July
Well okay, I said I wouldn't be in a hurry to write again, but can't ignore the first anniversary can I? Will be short and sweet though. Foot still swelling and doing odd things daily. Waiting for appointment for hand re next steps. Brace definitely helps during the night, but still painful. Finally my mojo head is back on for writing parts 2 and 3 of my novella's and realised I can't type for long, looking into Dragon software. As I said last time, usually cup-half-full and back to feeling to positives.

Wednesday 11th December 2014
So, ready for an update? It's now almost 18 months since my initial injury. Foot first. Not so good which is beginning to get frustrating. I thought we had reached a pact, I wouldn't overdo it and it would carry on healing. Seems although I kept my side of the bargain it hasn't. For the past month it has got steadily more painful, to the point that one day last week I couldn't even put my foot down without yelling out in pain. Honestly thought I would end up back in A & E. So waiting to be referred back to Mr G. Hoping it's just a broken screw and not the cold weather, cos that would be an annual nightmare. My hand? It got worse and worse I needed the brace on nearly 24/7. Well I saw a Hand Consultant who sent me onto another doctor who gave me a steroid injection via guided ultrasound. Can I just say it fricking hurt! Then I had to wear my brace for 3 days while I tried to move it as little as possible. But so far it has been worth it, the pain is virtually non-existent. If I spend too long on one activity - typing; writing; crafting, then it niggles, but otherwise it's a huge improvement. I won't know for 6 months if it's a permanent fix, but happy for now, so not worrying about next May until next May.

Saturday 30th January 2016
A year since I last posted, wow!? What can I say. Not a lot has changed. I ended up going back to Mr G. He said a new x-ray looked good, but that doesn't help - probably makes it worse if anything, still got the pain but no obvious cause. We tried some more physio, it helped a little but not much. Have insoles for my shoes now which must be helping surely? And yet I still get pain, not quite on a daily basis, but definitely on a weekly one. And stairs and sitting on the floor and walking - well you get the picture! Last summer I went away for a few days with the family and hated that I couldn't join in crabbing, climbing over the rocks, this foot does not like uneven surfaces. In fact, I have both had a full time job and had to go part time since I last updated. The hours in the car using the clutch was a nightmare, a few times when stuck in traffic jams I ended up nearly in tears. The days I spend all day on my feet, like when I teach first aid, means I spend the evening knowing that I have spent the day on it! Not working at all would be the answer, except for the fact I would go stir crazy! So of course that's a hit to the bank balance and my ego! Will have to go back again, Mr G said that the next option is more surgery to have the screws taken out, so not in a hurry to go! And my wrist? Well the guided steroid lasted about 4 months before it started hurting again. Last summer I was given another steroid, not guided, but just as painful! That lasted longer, but the last couple of weeks it's beginning to flair up, and I've noticed pain up my arm, which I can't help thinking is somehow connected. But again, she said the next option is cutting it open. Wonder if I can get them both done at the same time?

Friday 1st April
This month I am joining in the A-Z Blog Challenge again, and have chosen a Lisfranc broken foot as the topic. So if you're new to the injury, or know someone who is, and need to know more, pop over to my main blog page and search April 2016 - lots of useful information rather than personal whinging :)

Wednesday 22nd June
Wrist - saw Miss N - no more steroid. Definitely a TFCC tear from when I fell and put my hand out automatically as a saving reflex. So on a waiting list for a GA and a surgical repair.
Lisfranc - saw Mr G - thinks I have some trapped nerves so waiting for a guided ultrasound steroid injection. Knowing how much that hurt in my wrist I am absolutely dreading how painful it's going to be - think how through reflexology touches every part of your body and you'll understand my trepidation. Then future date to have screws out.
In other news, still swelling if I stand on it. Gave up work, driving and teaching/childcare is not a good fit for a semi-useless foot. SMC had it's 40th anniversary, all ex-governors invited. Well I was invited but answers on a postcard if you have any idea how I could have attended when they're not allowed to speak to me. So yes, fed up, sorry.

Wednesday 31st August
Repair on my wrist done - you can read all about it HERE.


  1. Holy cow! I'm so sorry this happened to you! :( Esp. having to cancel the trip to Italy. I hope you get all your JSA stuff sorted out. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hi JoJo, it has been a complete pain in the ass, but at least I've had a good hospital team which has helped. I didn't want to make a claim, but the long term prognosis isn't brilliant, and ultimately it was an accident that shouldn't have happened. Suzanne xx

  3. Hi Suzanne - thanks for adding the link to your Blog to our LISFRANC FRACTURE CLUB on Facebook - a few thoughts arising from the above...
    Get in touch with your Local Occupational Therapists (your GP/hospital can get you the number) it sounds like you are managing with less than ideal equipment eg they can sort you out with a proper a shower seat and I would strongly suggest a 'Ferrari' Zimmer would help you - it literally changed my life - many of us Lisfrancers struggle with crutches whilst NWB (they come into their own once you're PWB/FWB). They may well identify further equipment they can provide - all via NHS (so free)
    re driving - as it's your left foot you should (though be guided by your consultant) be able to drive an automatic once you're FWB - hopefully about 3-4 months in
    re screw removal - it gets v confusing when people talk about hardware as there are various different methods - wires appear to always be removed, screws often seem to be left in, whereas plates (held in place by temporary screws) tend to be removed after 4-5 months(from what I have gathered so far)
    As you are discovering, this injury is 'special' both in terms of the length of time it takes to recover and the non-medical impacts it has on people's lives - that's why I formed the CLUB - we all really benefit from the Mutual Help and Support it provides, together with information exchange and HOPE - great to have you onboard!!

  4. As much as I feel sorry about this unfortunate event befalling you, I feel happy that you are well on your way to recovery! Surely, writing your story down is meditative. It's relaxing, and will also help you analyze how you truly feel about this matter as you tackle it within yourself. For we know that healing physically is one, healing mentally and psychologically is another. Well, good luck, Suzanne! And keep that positive energy coming! :)
    Alejandra @ US Health Works

  5. Those first Xrays were certainly daunting, even before I saw the wound photos. Congratulations on your recovery though, and hopefully you’re able to do some PT soon and get back to your normal routine. Hang in there!

  6. Hi, Suzanne,
    Found your blog on the Lisfranc Fracture page on facebook. So, How are you now, a year later? Are you back at work? And, if not too much to ask, what kind of work do you do? I have a physically demanding job and do not know how I am going to fare after this injury- though I only dislocated the second metatarsal.

  7. Hello I have a Lisfranc fx and an additional foot fracture with continued burning in my ankle. One surgeon told me I needed surgery and the other said I did not unless the pain continued. I am very confused and would like to find a surgeon I feel good about. I live in the Salem area and am willing to travel to Eugene to Portland to find good care. Could you please help?

  8. Excellent. I'm happy that you were able to have a bunch of medical treatments applied there in ways that is focused and thorough. And now you are going to get your knee back to its former shape. That should help you a lot in the long run. Be careful next time, though.

    Natasha Shelton @ CCOE

  9. Oh wow - what a saga and what horrible pain you must be in! I've never heard of that kind of foot injury. It's neat that you're turning your injury into something educational. Cheers - Ellen


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