Throwback Thursday

I spotted this idea on someone's blog and thought how cool. The idea is that you find some old photos and pop them on your blog. I doubt it actually matters what day, but Throwback Thursday does sound good. You know me, I probably have enough photos to outlast the century, and maybe one of you, so be prepared!
1st March
Jeff, his sisters and brother....and he thinks a couple of second cousins!
San Gennaro. Dad's in the middle! The young men are uncle Guido and Marcello
Least said the better I think!
My FHC at St Josephs. School photo from St Bernards. And St Francis. Spot the common denominator!
Me, 30,  with Joseph and Joshua
Remember Kezzy took this while trying out a new camera, think I was about 19.
Patrick and me during a QP Panto - Aladdin
Two influential men in my life, Kezzy and Jimmy
26th February
8th November
Must be a birthday! Jeff's side of the family
My cousin Daria with Joseph, Joshua and Rebecca
Yours truly and Aunty Jean and Uncle John
Dawn and Joy at CP - just before Joy and Heather put on their medical hats!
Jeff and Niki and the kids
Same wedding
Jeff being a tart!
And again
Joe in panto - Santa in Space
One of my favourite young ladies - Ami
Ben's third birthday :)
23rd August
Yours truly about 2010
Oh gosh! Not sure but guess about 1970 looking at our ages
Lou and Mark 2011 in our back garden :)

Hearn Walk - Joe and Josh - did I really make them wear lime green? No wonder they look miserable LOL!

Joe and his Italian God-Father (cue the music!)
Yours truly!
Julie's birthday yesterday, so seems apt to look at some old ones!
On her 18th at Racal.
And her 21st!
Come on, if you can't embarrass someone on their birthday, when can you! May 1990 and Julie overdid the sunbathing - I did warn her but did she listen?? Typical teenager LOL!
Say no more, I think I've been mean enough!


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